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Focaccia di Recco

Maria Paola Aontonietti

This recipe was sent in by Maria Paola Aontonietti from Italy

Recco is a village near Genoa in Liguria. The "focaccia" is a typical dish in this country.

Maria Paola Aontonietti

Focaccia di Recco

The finished dish


  • 300g durum wheat flour
  • 3 spoons of olive oil
  • 300g soft cheese
  • water (as much as you need)
  • salt


  1. Put the flour in to a bowl and add the water a bit at a time to make a dough
  2. Knead for 10 minutes until the consistency is a bit like an earlobe!
  3. Let the dough to "rest" for 1 hour in a bowl covered by a damp towel
  4. Divide the dough in two parts, one bigger than the second one
  5. Roll out the bigger one and put it in an oiled baking pan (30 cm diameter)
  6. Dice the cheese and spread the little pieces on the rolled out dough
  7. Roll out the second piece of dough and put it over the diced cheese
  8. Put some oil and salt over the top and pinch the dough to make some holes
  9. Put the dish into the oven for 10 minutes at 250°C

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Nadia, France
Dear Maria, This recipe is just great! Easy to make, and so yummy!!!! I put gorgonzola cheese instead, and it was very good as well!

Marina, Brazil
Wwaaaww, what a surprise to find this recipe here!! I've lived in Recco for one year and used to eat Focaccia very often. It's really delicious, but I'm sure I'll never get it done exaclty like the authentic one. Cheers and enjoy your Focaccia di Recco guys!!!Marina.

Eunu, Republic of Korea
Hi! I am first here, This site is very useful to me :) I really like learning cooking!

Costa Rica
Ill try this dish at the italian food restaurant close from my home I am a bad cooking

Ami Shin, Korea
That looks really yammy. I will try it today!!!!

Barbara, Milan, Italy
Mmmhh not good gorgonzola for this focaccia !!!!Fantastic and really correct is "crescenza", a typical soft italian cheese

babi algeria
it is a good recipe i'll tray it sooner

Babi, Algeria
it is a good recipe i'll tray it sooner

Md Abdur Rahim, Bangladesh
I love Indian food. I just kept this recipe's to my blog for later trial.

Keti , Georgia
Hey Maria, your recipe sounds so familiar to me;) We Georgians do have a dish called "Khachapuri" (interpreted as a cheese pie) your recipe is a bit easy with some slight differences though. For instance instead of dividing the dough into two parts we roll out the one we've got just a bit and put the diced cheese just in the middle of it. Then with the gentle move of the fingers we wrap it up.Finally we roll it out with the cheese together, in order to have the whole parts of the dough stuck with cheese. In this case we don't need the second piece of dough to put it over the diced cheese. May be one day you should try like this :))) By the way today I'm going to cook the "focaccia" just as you've taught us.Thanks & Good Luck !

Laura, Italy
I'm going to try it tomorrow, my only day out of work this week! Thank you for the suggestion

Fabio, Turin, Italy
I tried many times this "focaccia": it is fantastic....i hope that a lot of people will try the same pleasure that i got!!!!good lack

Rocco, Italy

Dongmei. China
My son loves western food very much. He likes pizza too. I just kept this recipe to my blog for later trial.

Farkhonda, Afghanistan
It looks tastey and also its easy to make, i am going to make it,becarus i really love cheese.thanks Aontonietti

Leo, Italy
Why don't you put in the dough also the yeast?

Tina, Taiwan
this is just amazing!!

Surama, Brazil
It sound good!!! I´m sure it´s delicious and simple and fast to make. Thanks a lot!!!

Alexandra, Rome
I'd like to ask Maria Paola if some spicy gorgonzola cheese can be added to the wonderful ligure dish "Focaccia di Recco"!Thanks!

Paru, India
Thanks Maria,for great recipe.I am a vegetarian and this recipe does not include egg. Soon I am going to try this Italian recipe.

Monika, Poland
I love soft chease and I'll try this recipe soon because it's very simple.

JW, Korea(South)
Hi~ Yours is a little bit different from ones made here by anonymous cook, but yours must be original one and perhaps more tasteful than the other one. Mouthwatering already~!!

Alessandro, Italy
I ate it in Cinque Terre. It is delicious! Enjoy it with Chinotto.

Veronica, Italy
i actually live in italy and make focaccia using "lievito di birra", does it have an english name and overall is it available in uk? (i'm moving to london soon, but without focaccia it will be a rough life...^^)

Guido, Italy
That's yummy also because I'm from Genova :)lolyou have to try all guys Guido

Sergio Squarcado, Brazil
Hi Maria I liked his recipe, when I was child my mother gave me it, and its Delicious...Good Luck

Kvitka, Ukraine
Hi Maria,thank you for recipe! I tryed focaccia once, it was made by our local small backery and it was so tasty! Yummy-yummy! Now I will make my own focaccia according to first-hand recipe :-) Wish me a good luck! :-) Have a fruitful day!Ciao!

Li Yiping, China
Ms. Aontonietti, so thanxful, for your recipe of this Focaccia, I can imagine its smell, color when it just comes from oven, I like your culture, also cuisine, looking forward more from you.

M. Mukhles, Afghanistan
Hi, Maria Paola Antonietta!This look like a cheese bread. Anyway it bring water to mouth. I will try for it when I come across your restaurant. Why your recipe is so interesting for me? Perhaps, because as I was child my mother backed bread on a plate form of iron, which we called it (Tabai). In that time we heated it with fire from woods or charcoals. She made one round bread from dough and put on top of it some sunflower oil and then some cut tomatoes and onions and then some leaves of mint, a pinch of salt and crush peppers. After that she put the other plate form of bread which was prepared already. During that time the (Tabai) was warm enough and she poured some olive oil on the top of the Tabai and put the double sheets of bread on the lubricated Tabai and poured again some olive oil on top of it. In ten minutes the recipe was ready to serve. I still can not forget the taste of that recipe. Oh, I think back on the recipe my mother made. Now I become a big appetite. I should prepare it again sometime next week. Bye for now.

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