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Roberto Camillini

This recipe was sent in by Roberto Camillini from Italy


The finished dish

It is a popular dish of my region (Rimini, Romagna - Italy). It is an old recipe, you can find it in the Artusi, the cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi a 19th century literary critic turned cook, that is a cult and an household name here in Romagna. Gnocchi’s taste is delicate and pleasant and even if it belongs to the legion of poor dishes, all people, no matter their age, love it.

Roberto Camillini


  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 400g flour
  • 1 egg
  • pasta sauce (ragĂą - that is meat sauce or tomato sauce): heated
  • grated Parmesan cheese


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut into chunks,
  2. Boil the potatoes until soft. Put the potatoes in to a large bowl and let them cool down a bit.
  3. Put the flour into a food mixer. Add the potatoes and then with a potato masher mash the potatoes and flour together.
  4. Then add the egg. At this point with the food mixer mix slowly until it becomes thoroughly combined. The dough should be damp but firm.
  5. Immediately form the gnocchi by pinching off a piece of dough and rolling it in to a long roll about 1 cm thick, then break it into 2 cm lengths (use additional flour to prevent the gnocchi being too sticky)
  6. Gently press the back of a fork on each of them so to make little hollow, this will help later marry the gnocchi with the sauce.
  7. Repeat until you have used all the dough. Do it as fast as you can (the more you wait the harder the work).
  8. Now cook the gnocchi in boiling water (use a large pot) and when they are done drain them in a colander, put in a large dish, add the heated sauce and mix.
  9. Ladle in bowls and if you like add grated parmesan cheese.
  10. Enjoy!

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Sarah, Chinese
Thanks Roberto. Your recipe remand me of my hometown where potatoes and flour are everywhere. Now I seldom touch them because I live in Shanghai and eat rice everyday Aha!I decide to try to cook like what you recommend this weekend and give my family members a supper surprise: I can do Italy flavor now!

Nestor Agostini, Brazil
Very tasteful!!!Here in Brazil, especially in the South, the gnocchi is very common food due to the big quantity of people descending from the Italians. To prepare the gnocchi we also use potatoes and flour but to prepare the sauce we also use pepperoni sausage or minced meat according the preference of the consumer.

I like so much this dish.I would like to try this weekend. I hope to like the taste.

Pauline, France
Hummm... Mama mia ! Sounds really nice ! What about a sauce made with blue cheese ?? (oups! again that silly I-put-cheese-everywhere-french habit !!)But promise I'll try that ;) Do you reckon we may also pan them ? I guess it depends on the receipe.

Nirmal, Nepal
That was the simple recipe with good flavor and taste

Alvin, Hong Kong
Ya,it's delicious:)

Tari, Indonesia
always heart italian food!!! yuuuum!=9

Amin, Tunisia
I'm a fan of Italian food recipes. They are in most of the time yummy especially when added the well known Italian tomato or hashed meat sauce that its tasty smell tickels your nose from miles away. So I'm ready for this easy-to-prepare recipe to make it an excellent side dish.

Cindy, China
I'm very curious aoubt this dish. I want to try it this weekend. And maybe I can use the microwave oven to make the potatos soft.

Felipe Perego, Brazil
Hi Roberto, I like too much GNOCCHI (in brazil is called Nhoque), but you can´t told a litle secret, on the cook of the gnocchi in boiling water:"You colect each piece of gnocchi when they float on the boiling water"Well now I miss to eat a gnocchi ...Good by

Caio, Brazil
Man, I just LOVE Gnocchi. It is very popular here in Brazil and everyone loves the taste.Now I am gonna try this recipe and see how it goes. But it does look yummy !! Congrats

Monika, Poland
In Poland we have very similar dish and it is usually serve with wild mushroom sauce. It's really yummy :)

hi.. i am not often get the chance to eat alot of Italian foods but your recipe make me feel it is really delicious for me, i will follow correct your intruction, hope it will be nice cooking with my firends here!!

I love Italian food. So, when I saw this recipe, I can't wait to try it.Yes! I cook it. It tasted yummy.. I enjoy it very much.thank you...

Sarah, Australia
Thank you Roberto

Maria Repovz
They are very good. I also prepare the gnocchi, and these instructions will help me to improve them.The procedure was very clearly described.

Alexandra, Italy
Try the italian gnocchi without tomato sauce but just with melted salted butter, reggiano parmesan, chopped fresh sage and we'll tell each other about it then!

Paulina, Poland
Sounds delicious and quite easy to prepare. I'll definitely try it.

Silvia, Italy
...try gnocchi with fish-a sauce with prawns and clams! that's paradise :-)

Hong Minho, South Korea
I'm hungry when I read the recipe and imagined the procedure. I think that gnocchi is good food for me, a single man. Cooking is very simple! Thank you BBC(:

Marcos, Brazil
Very good.I will make it today.

Karolina, Poland

Fabiana, Italy
I'm Italian so I know very well gnocchi!! It's a very typical dish in Italy and there's a curious tradition that I'm going to tell you: here in Rome restaurants and people in general use to cook and eat gnocchi on thursday!! Here thursday means GNOCCHI!!

Mimi, Japan
sounds really yummy! i'll try that recipe on weekend. thank you so much =)

Daniele, Ravenna, Italy

Rose, Palestine
thank you it seems delicious i'll try it

Nicolay, Russia
You know in Russia we called it "vareniki". But we prepere dough and put inside potato, curd or what you want and after that boiled. But I would like try to prepare your dishes.

Nisrine, Morocco
It seems to be very delicious. Thanks a lot for this recipe.Can you specify for how many person we use the ingredients you told us ?

this is delicious

Emily and Jean Michel from France really don't have a taste for gnochi. I am trying to convince that its really good, but they totally disagree. Must be the Italian French divide.

Thanks for your recipe!!it seems it's quite easy to cook..but after reading,i realized that i hand't come across ragu souce before and hadn't seen it in any markets but i've found a website which have a recipe about this souce and i was shocked because ragu's ingredients outnumber this meal so not this meal but ragu will tire me a little:)..but i will cook and share this delicious gnocchi with my family!

Seedevi, Sri Lanka
Thank you for your recipe. It sounds delicious. I'll try this, coming weekend with my husband.

Valencia, Spain
Hello! I like this recipe,it's easy to make and it's good tastes!!! Thanks roberto,!

Patrizia, Italy
absolutely fantastic! You have to try it also with only gorgonzola cheese!!

Selma, Turkey
Hello Roberto,I am fond of Italian Cuisine, thank you for your country cult recipe also giving its history besides passing me your cultur. I'll try it and may be you'd like to have an glance in my recipe here. "Zeytinyagli Yaprak Dolmasi" I assure you'll love it.If you are interested in cooking, (you seem like to be a cooker in your photo ):))),please write me.You can find me in "englishclub webpage" easily. Thank you again. Selma

Sonia, Brazil
Hi Sir,I tried it today, adding butter in the recipe. Unfortunatelly,something wrong happened. I think, I should have waited the boiled potatoes to coll entirely before mixing with the flour. Although,my gnocchi ended off wrong I´ve eaten it nevertheless! Thank you for your recipe!

Bruna, Italy
they are very good, but I advise boiling intact potatoes with peel over the water which boils that is steam.Gnocchi are delicious with"pesto alla Genoese"

Marek, Poland
It's similar to Polish dish called "kopytka" wich means hufs.

Lydia, China
Sounds good,But I feel it is not easy to mix all ingredients and control the density of dough as well. Perhaps it needs more patient. Anyway, I learned a way to cook new course. Thank you.

Hanan, Egypt
Actually, I think that this recipie because it looks great and I like potatoes very much. Thank you very much Roberto

Sophoal, Cambodia
Hello Sir,How are u doing? i have interested about ur recipe, i think it great food after i have read, but i can not cooking cos in my local is difficult to find the ingredian. however, when i have free time, i try to cooking the western food, but u know what the abtakle to me is not enough ingredain.therefore, i really like and love the Italy food so much, it is good tastes.Thank u so much for spending ur special time to mention ur food region and shared ur experinces to people around the world.Take Care,

Dung, Vietnam
that's good I'll try this weekend. Thanks so much

Giusy, Italy
I've made them by myself for me and my famyli and I assure you that they are delicious , but also fattening so don' t have a lot and never eat them frequently if you want to keep fit.

Concetta, Italy
This is my favourite food. I make gnocchi without eggs and often I eat them only with butter and Parmesan.

Beatriz, Argentina
It's one of my favourite dishes. Gnocchies are tasty, delicious. Eassy to make and ideal to share with family and friends. Many thanks to Roberto for his recipe.

Antonella, Vietri sul Mare-sa, Italy
You should cook gnocchi..-they are really tasty above all when you prepare them at home and by yourself!!! BON APPETIT

Amber, Malaysia
i'm a Italian food lover, this simple and easy recipe facinated me, i will try it.

Margaret, Brazil
To cook is a art!! I'm learning and I've done it.Very good this recipe,it's delicious and easy.

Julio, Spain
It sounds nice. Thanks Roberto.

Jean, France
I love it. Thanks a lot.

Rachel, Israel
Thank you Roberto my mother used to cook this dish . As children we like it very much. So i will try it.

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