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This is a very popular Bangaldeshi recipe

Matija Begum

Matija Begum

This recipe was sent in by Matija Begum from Bangladesh


The finished dish


  • 3 cups fine rice
  • 1 cup of split yellow lentils (dry-fried)
  • Âľ cup oil
  • 8 cups boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • ½ teaspoon crushed turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon crushed ginger
  • ÂĽ teaspoon crushed garlic
  • 2 onions peeled and sliced
  • 4 pods of cardamom
  • 2 Cloves
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 5 whole green chili, chopped
  • 3 pieces of cinnamon
  • Salt:as required


  1. Pour some water into the rice and let it soften a little for 20 minutes. Then mix the rice with the lentils and next with crushed ginger, garlic and turmeric.
  2. Pour oil into a saucepan. When it is hot, add the onion followed by cardamom, clove, bay leaves, cinnamon and salt. Keep the heat low.
  3. When the onions turn a little brownish, add the mixture of rice, lentils and spices and stir them as much as possible.
  4. When it is fried enough add boiling water; stir well and cover it with a lid. Raise the heat. Keep stirring now and then, opening the lid. When it starts to simmer and the water and the solid mixture are leveled on the surface, add the chilies. Keep the heat low and keep it like that for to 20 minutes. Open the lid and stir in the melted butter . Keep it covered with the lid for 5 more minutes and you are ready to serve.

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Phil, England
We have eaten this meal, known as kedgeree, for breakfast for many years. It was brought to England from India by people returning from India. The only addition to the recipe is some pieces of smoked fish and chopped boiled egg.Delicious!

Leann, China
It looks tempting with red, green and yellow, and i want to have a try though the spices are difficult to be fully prepared.

Maria, Greece
Although it seems difficult to find some ingredients I shall try to cook it or at least something like this.Thank you.

Ana and Daniela, Argentina
The recipe seems easy enough to me to try it. we just bought the lentils, we only have to buy the cardamom. And then we will tell you the results. thanks, cheers!

Tuni, Wales
it's delicious.We always make this in weekend.but i want to know what is cardamom?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,I THINK THAT IS A RECIPE VERY DELICIOUS................

se ve delicioso!!! Âżesto es tipico de algun pais en especifico?

se ve delicioso!!! Âżesto es tipico de algun pais en especifico?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,I THINK THATV IS A RECIPE VERY DELICIOUS................

Abu Bakker Siddique, Bangladesh
Khichuri is a very delicious food. I just love it, specially the one cooked by my mom. She is a great cook. Can't wait any longer to taste tonight's khichuri because just now my mom told me it is for the dinner.

Thuy, Vietnam
This dish seems to be like the one named Com Rang ( fried rice)in Vietnam. However, I will search the mentioned spices to have a trial. Thank you for recipe.

Vivi, China
It looks very easy to make and very delicious. I want to try it tonight for supper.

Ahshan, Bangladesh
NIce dish. I am now getting ready to prepare that dish...thanks a lot.

Amira, Egypt
very tasty i will try it soon

Monica, Mexico

It sounds very yummy ,I want to try cooking this dish.

Shawon, Bangladesh
very tasty

Eni, Indonesia
It's like "Nasi Kuning" or "Yellow rice" in Indonesia. It's usually served in cone shape for traditional ceremonial. But, Kitchuri seems more spicy.

Faten, KSA
its a good recipebut can i replace the butter with oliv oil?..thank you..

QiJin Peng, China
My son ate a whole dish of this in 10 mins, he said it is much better than the traditional chinese fried rice! But the spices are difficult to find.

Aresy, Sweden
I made it one time. It was ok,butI wasn't happy.I and my wife want to make it on April 21th.beacause it's hers birthday.That day we will be about 25 people.Thanks a lot.By.

Wala2, Palestine is very delicious really i like it very much .i hope to make another dishes .thx

Thank you for your recipe, I like it..

It looks lovely

I think Bangladesh food must be as spicy as Indian food. Frankly speaking I don't like Indian food very much but I never tasted one.

Nor, Cairo
I will try it soon ....thank you

Marcar, Brazil
Thank you very much for such a delicious dish! As I don't found yellow lentils in Rio (Brazil), I opted for using green dried peas (previously soaked) and it worked very well. Serving it with poached eggs was great too.

Ba Hien, Vietnam
This recipe like very yummy, I will try it soon. Thanks.

Lucy, Bangladesh
excellent recipe for vegetarian in economic downturn. thanks a lot Matija

Toru, Australia
I Just Love This Dish.

Conny, Germany
Sounds good, I will try it soon!

It´s a very delicious recipe. I heve never known it before, so I will try cooking it.

Nita, Bangladesh
yes it is a delicious recipe. sometimes you can get trouble to cook it properly and have chance to overcook. Better after fry the rice transfer it to rice cooker. add boiling water and dont stir too much. Rice can be melted.

Jen, Costa Rica
It sounds very delicious

Fatma, Turkey
I think tast is so nice.I want to try it.

Cathy, Bangladesh
very common and mouth watering lunch dish during rainy days. I love to have it with fried beef/fried fish and mango hot and sour pickles.

Htay Htay, USA
I'll try to cook this recipe.I'm almost it will be good meal for me.

Jianlin he, China
It sounds tasty and deliciou

Osama, Palestine
wow! tasty

Pelagea, Russia
it's a marvellous recipe for gives satisfaction to my eyes and makes my mouth watering. i must try it.

Graham, China
Some spices are strange and hard to find.

Sri Lanka
good recipe

Mian, Pakistan
Nice dish, But I haven't tried it yet.

Patricia, Rosario, Argentina
Its a delicious recipe. I put a little of parmesan grated cheese,just for I love it,and it tastes great.Thanks!

Rachel, Israel
Thank you it's a very good and tasty meal my family like it . We send our grittings to the wanderful lady Matija Begum.

Azadeh Mobasher, Iran
Hi Could you please tell me we have to cook lentils first and than mix it with rice?and we must boil rice than put it in strainer and then mix it with ginger and ..? Thank you

Guido, Genova
Hi there I think that it's very "yummy"recipe first becuse I like all ingruedents in the dish and secondly becuse I love rice Guido

Ethel, Honduras
What does she mean by dry-fry lentils? I love this kind of food, and I really want to learn to cook it!Thanks.Ethel

Claude, France
Nice recipe,we like its "vegetarian side".It was an opportunity to go to our local Asian supermarket to buy some ingredients,a nice travel for our senses as your dish is

Naheed, Pakistan
I really like khichuri, we also make this one at home. The best thing about this khichuri is that even there's no accompaniment it goes fab.

Abraham Aturjong, Kenya

Nge, Singapore
I will try to cook it. It looks very delicious.

Kandarp Jain, India
This is too complicated, all you need to do is simply pressure cook all the ingredients at one go for 10 mins on sim flame and then another five on high flame. For Better results soak both rice and lentils for an hour will take less time then.Good incase of stomoch upsets etc, traditionally givne to patients recuperating from fever and sickness as this is easy to digest, ie, when made without cloves and cardomom etc

Abla Mahmoud, Egypt
we have the same caled kushari but more simple and less ingredient it is very delicious .most of egyptions eat it because it's good taste also cheap.

Zahir, Bangladesh
Well done Ms. Matija Beguma. This is indeed a very popular recipe to the Bangladeshis, specially when the climate is wet and cloudy and you can't go out. A plate of Khitchuri on a lazy rainy day makes it colourful.

Luciana living in Panama
Thanks Matija, I would love to cook it.The only problem is I had been in all the supermarkets around and I couldn't find cardamon seeds. Can I replace it for another ingrident?

hiit is such a good recipeI love it

Natalia, Ireland
hi, i would like to know what is cardamon? it is a kind of herbs?this recipe sounds really good and i am looking forward to try it, it i can get of the ingredients!

Shahin Alom, Bangladesh
I like it very much and I am really happy for this nice recipe. I will try my best to cook it. Lot of Thanks

Liton, England
its a very good recipe

Jeesun, Bangladesh
Such an awesome food of bangladeshi ppl. And happy to this recipe spreading worldwide.Thanks.

Sazzad, UK
This is a fantastic dish. Its nearly the same like Biryani dishes. Its awful, tasty, slightly hot flavor will make you a fun of this dish.

New Zealand
Thank you for this recipe. It sounds tasty and certainly full of nutrition.It seems a good recipe for vegetarians.My problem would be getting some of the ingredients, but I think I will experiment. I like the basic recipe!Barbara

Hoor, UAE
I wish that i can cook it because it is so sweetly

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