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Lemon potatoes

Li Yang

This recipe was sent in by Li Yang

This is a quick stir-fry dish, healthy, delicious and economical

Li Yang

Lemon potatoes

The finished dish


  • 1 large potato (or 2 medium)
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 cloves of garlic (or spring onions if you prefer)
  • ½ a red chilli
  • oil
  • salt
  • sugar


  1. Peel, wash, slice the potato Then shred the slices as finely and delicately as possible.
  2. Put the potato in to a colander (or sieve) and rinse in cold water to wash away the starch.
  3. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into a bowl.
  4. Mix the lemon juice with some salt and sugar, to your taste
  5. Chop the red chilli into small slices
  6. Chop the garlic (or spring onions) into fine pieces
  7. Heat the frying pan and put in some cooking oil to heat for 1 minute till it gets very hot
  8. Add the chilli and garlic in to stir for 10 seconds
  9. Add the potato in and stir for 2 minutes
  10. add the lemon juice already mixed with salt and sugar and stir for 5 seconds
  11. The dish is ready.

Serve hot or cold

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My Trang, Vietnam
I agree with you "This is a quick stir-fry dish, healthy, delicious and economical". I'll cook it soon.

Htay Htay, USA
There is a raw potato salad in our upper Burma(Monywa). It also peel, slices and then wash with water. Mix with the lemon juice and some salt. And then wash with water again.Add the roasted peanut,roasted yellow bean flour,dry red chilly fried oil,fish sauce, dry shrimp flour, and roasted seesame seed and slice raw garlic and slice raw chilly and some lemon juice.Oh! very tasty.

Aura, India
No words to explain. Simply superb..

Alpna, India
thak you.It is so easy,nice and delicious!it's Yummy......... Whether we have to boiled the potato or not

Ho, South Korea (but in Singapore)

Faizan, India
I have tried this recipe and was so delicious. This is the easiest way to cook a dish. thanks for teaching such a good dish.

Meri, Italy
I've already made this recipe a lot of times since I discovered it.My husband enjoys it even if he was quite doubtful at first. Thanks so much! I've also experimented some variants of it:the same amount of onions and potatoes;replacing fresh chilli with poudre chilli.Bye bye

Victoria, Argentina
Great, congratulations!

Rosie, Vietnam
I think it's delicious. it's just simple. I'll it soon.

Kavitha, India
it is very easy to prepare and i will definately prepare it and i will tell its taste by tomorrow

Douglas, Brazil
I tried this recipe and it is delicious. Beyond it is so easy to prepare. Congratulations.

Harry, Thailand
the dish is delicious and so easy to make thankyou

Tic, Thailand
i think that it will be dilicious snak to eat with breverate and add chilli too

Van Anh, Vietnam
I'll try it tomorrow... :)

it's really easy, deserve to be tried....

Jihee, South Korea
It can be easy to cook and it looks yummy!I'll try it right now! ^^

Amy, China
I think it's must be very delicious.Wow,I want to eat it.

Gala, Russia
Jurging by the picture, the potato wasnt slice, it was graned. Thats why it has been prepared for only two minutes...

Weer, Libya
it's seem healthy meal.

Jh Shi, China
I guess it should be delicous

Ivy, Brazil
I WILL TRIED. its really delicious

Kaloyan, Bulgaria
Great I'll try it soon!

Soha, Kuwait
Its really very nice to cook

Jeff, China

Vall, Cambridge
thak you it is really easy to make

Melody, China
It's good. I'll try it when i am off work.

Saman, Lamphun, Thailand
Very good I WILL TRY to do soon I think I can do

Deepak, Nepal
wow, it looks very nice, this week i am going to share this recipe with my friends

GG, Sweden
I,ll delegate my wife to do it on holyday. thanks

Tuan Phan, Vietnam
I've tried it and, I wonder if I made any mistake, it tasted awful.

Wanggang , China
very good ,i like it.thank u.

Komal Valli.Vadday, Cambridge
It is so easy,nice and delicious! I like it very much.Yummy.........

Hoanguyen, Vietnam
it good thankyou

Ali, Pakistan
For the bechelors it's an easy, quick, and tasty recipe.

Amrita Alam Sandhy,Bangladesh
I really like it a lot.It's very easy to cook and spicy also.I think,It will be more mouthwatering dish,If I add some chaat masala(indian masala mix) with,girls try it at home and have it with ur Honey.I've already had it with my husband,Maruf.We r newly married couple.So I always try new dishes at home.Thx to's Yummyy...

Victor Shevchenko, Russia
Hello everybody. I am going to try cooking it tonight. Just to clarify, should the red chilli be fresh or dried?

Naomi, South Korea
Wow, I want to try this later. looks delicious!

Luis, Ecuador:
It looks kinda greet, especially for the easy way to cook it.Thanks, I will try it soon for my family

Mahnaz, Hungary
very nice very good, but iranian food is the best.

Kirsti, France
My adult son and I had lemon potatoes for lunch. I wanted to try the recipe because the combination of lemon and potatoes was so odd to me. Like Pedro I was impolite enough to doubt about the flavour. I thought I would be like Asmaa, who didn't like it. I chose to make it for lunch because my husband wasn't there and I know he doesn't like lemon. Like Evaldas I thought I'd better not upset any family member. Then, yesterday I bought bottled red chili because there was no fresh in my local super market. Today at noon, when my ingredients were ready I took the frying pan and a clock and executed the programme, the recipe, I mean. The result was not bad. If I hadn't cooked myself I am not sure I would have been able to recognise I was eating potatoes, though! Elena, they were not raw but felt a little "al dente". Now I've got an idea. If I wasn't sure I had potatoes, maybe my husband would not recognise the lemon, especially if I add some more spices, as Yogesh suggests. Next time I'll add the spices Rohini mentioned.

Rogeye, Australia
It is dlishes.I like it.

Ies Argentona,Catalunya
Our English teacher showed us this recipe in class and we think it's so funny! Only 4 students want to try it.

Natalie, Taiwan
Well, it looks easy to prepare, I might try it someday.

Paula, France
I prefer to put garlish at the end,to keep its flavour

Mahmoud Syria Mabada
It is so easy I like it thanks alot

Samirna, China
I ofen make of the potatoes for supper with my good friends,but never do it match up with lemon.Now i wanna have a try very much!!!

YB(KOREAN), but in Japan
no,I haven't tried that yet,but i want to tried that!

Munna, INDIA
I have tried this recipe it was awesome

Meri Italy
it seems easy,I'm looking forward to making it tomorrow,bye bye

Siromani, India
very delicious and tasty.thank you very much Li Yang.

Halil, Turkey
it seems delicious, immediately I'll cook it

Marykutty Kerala, India
Thank you Li Yang,Really good.I shall try to make it as early as possible.Vitamin C is plenty in lemon.Garlic is very good to control cholesterol level.Can I call it Potatoes Lemon?May God bless you

Monal, India
I WILL TRIEDits really delicious

Ida, Taiwan
I haven't tried it. This quick and easy dish seems to be suited for busy life. I wonder what it would taste like...lemon, chilli and potato...I'll try it later and thanks for Li's recipe.p.s. How many calorie are in this dish?

Siromani, India
very nice and delicious.Thank you Li yang.

I love it. It's easy to cook. Adding lemom make it delicious .I will try it tonight.Thanks a lot.

Daniel Iglesias, Argentina

Ahmed, Libya
I am surprised,It is so easy to prepare and to cook.The picture reflects that in my mind.

Sayeed, Afghanistan
By seeing the picture my mouth watered i think it is delicious. regards sayeed

Nagarjun, India
Very nice And easily prepering recipe.

Pepi, Spain
I think, it might be nice. As a matter of fact, I am going to make it, I will serve it with meat.Thanks a lot.

Add mustard seeds (1 tsp), cumin seeds (1tsp), curry leaves (4), finely grated ginger(1tsp)in the heated oil and garnish with finely chopped coriander and grated fresh coconut(1tbsp) to tantalize your taste buds...

Ngoc Chau, Vietnam
I guest it's delicious! I'll try it today. Thanks so much.

Rocio Peña, Colombia
I didn't like so much ,but it's easy and healthy.

Maylinthia, The Netherlands
It's really very easy and tastful. Dutch people eat a lot of potato's. We do love potato's.This recipe is quite different from ours which we cook everyday. I'd like recommend all my friends to try once for this special dish. Many thanks Li Yang!

Neli, Bulgaria
Thanks for sharing.It is delicious

Sumede, Sri Lanka
it is so easy and good, but if you can add to some sea foods, umm?

Paolo, Italy
Thanks Li Yang.I am goint to try it,but now I translate this for my wife. It's looks very delicious.Best regards Paolo

Mon-mon, Vietnam
Thank Li for sharing an interesting recipe . I am not a vegetarian , but I like eating more vegetables than eating meat or fish . I think your recipe will help me to vary my dish and I'll try making it tomorrow.

I have tried its really delicious

Evaldas, Lithuania
I'll wait till my mother goes out, then I'll try it. I don't want to confuse her with such sophisticated dish. By us it is very unusual to eat potatoes with lemon.

Daisy, Malaysia
It looks easy and simple to prepare. Thanks for sharing it.

Hummmn! It is simple disch!I love to eat this kind of food!reyferhen

Marlivia, Brazil
This recipe prooves that cheap and simple things can be tasty. Thak you Li Yiang.

Marina, Russia
There are many dishes in the world we can make of potatoes but I haven't ever heard of this one. It looks delicious and recipe is unusual. I am sure I'll try it in my nearest future. Thank you very much!

Elena, Russia
Are you sure it won't be still raw after just 2min?

Yogesh, India
Some more Spices need to be added to make it tasty

Saeed, Saudi Arabia
i did not try it , but i think it's delicious.

Pedro, Brazil
Seems very easy, but the flavour...

Vipul, India
I have not tried yet but i must try it. Its a vegetarian dish so i must like it. Its also amazing to know that some people in china are vegetarians

Abdulhadi, Saudi Arabia
It seems delicious, but I do not like garlic.

Elimringi Lyimo, Tanzania
my comment i say that is good food for all our nation but me i am confirm dish wow if i got it i feel good for health.

Zhu Jian
It's so delicious

Uzma, Pakistan
most attractive features of this dish is that its very easy to cook and tasty to eat.

Asmaa, Egypt
i tried it, it is so easy, but it is not so good

Mayte, Argentina
It apprears to be very tasty. I'll try it and let you know.Thanks Li for sharing this practical recipe!!Happy Spring for the North and Happy Autumn for the South!Cheers,Mayte

Robina, Pakistan

Boska, Serbia
I HAVE NOT TRIED YET,but I think it's worth trying.I'll do it today afternoon, and let you know.Particulary it's eazy to prepare,and no waste of warm regards and go ahed.Boska

Ronnie, Singapore

Van, Vietnam
This recipe is simple to do but it is also interesting! Thanks for your sharing!

Eddy, China
It is a really simple dish which I think I can do. I will try to make this in the weekend.I never think of this match up: Potato and lemon. The taste must be good!

Minas, Egypt
thanks it is so easy

Silvia, Spain
It looks very easy and delicious. Thanks

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