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English for Journalists

War correspondent

BBC War Correspondent Robin Duff in 1944


The BBC College of Journalism is a training department of the BBC which provides courses for journalists.

The courses help to ensure consistency, quality and accuracy in BBC broadcasting. One of the key areas of training is in the use of language.

The language training helps non-native speakers of English who work as journalists within the BBC develop their English language skills in the field of journalism.

On this page you can find links to three of the modules which have vocabulary development activities.


These three modules are the first to be launched on the BBC Learning English website. This is an exciting collaboration that allows the BBC World Service training team to share the benefits of their experience in training BBC journalists with you.

picture of Mark Shea

Modules designed by Mark Shea

These modules open in a pop-up window and require the free Flash-player plug-in for your browser. BBC Learning English is not responsible for the content of these modules.

This module looks at the vocabulary associated with conflict

This module looks at some more language connected with conflict

This module focusses on the language of reporting elections

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