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Welcome to the new


Hello and welcome to the new site!

As well as a brand new look to our pages we have tried to add some features that you have asked for.

Perhaps most popular will be the ability now to download the audio for Words in the News.

We have changed the categories of some of our pages but we hope you will be able to find what you are looking for without too much difficulty.

If you do have a problem finding something, you can check our new site map page.

We hope you enjoy using the new site and we look forward to hearing your comments!

Many thanks and best wishes!

The Learning English team

Tell us what you think

We'd really like to hear from you about our new site. What do you like? what don't you like? What features would you like us to add to the site in the future?

Thank you so much for all your interesting comments.
If you would still like to write to us about the new site, please use the Contact us page.

What you wrote:

Vica, Moldova
I like your site a lot!Excellent information on any topic!I am so glad I found you!"How to..." is my favourite section. It teaches my students and me how to use the English language appropriately in different situations. I also adore "The Teacher"!Thank you very much!

Hania Ahwazi, Iran
Dear Learning English team,I'd like to thank you for the fantastic way of teaching English. I'm in love with English and I'm in love with your site. The "New Look" is also attractive. Thank you for all your efforts.Can I suggest that you add Interviews with famous people (like novelists, poets, etc) in your programmes? Many thanks and regards,Hania

Galcio, Brazil
Hello friends,The new site is amazing! Now I renew my strength to improve my English.

Rania, Saudi Arabia
This is the best site I have ever seen online to excel in English!!KEEP GOING ON........MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Alice, France
great site ! up-to-date - easier to use - more attractive -

Helen, China
Brand new look,and so amazing,well,i like it even more than before.My comment is to add more sorts of vocabularies and paragraphs of academic subjects such as science,art,history,etc.Finally,i can't see 'learn other language'now, where is it?it is really useful for me.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map. Here is a link to the BBC Languages frontpage. Is this what you were referring to?

I want to practice my English here

Santos Budhathoki, Nepal
I have been listening to bbc to improve my english. so it has made me to improve a lot in my language n to know about the world news. lastly i would like to thank british government for providing such facilities all over the world.

Naima, Pakistan
Site is awesome and quite useful, well done.

Yuliya, Russia
Your site is really good! Thank you very much! But in new look i can not find archieve for 6 minutes english. It was very big, and now i can see only some programes for 2008 year.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Yuliya. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map. The archive programmes for 6 Minute English can be found in the Archive Programmes box, at the bottom of the 6 Minute English index page.

Masaomi, Japan
I visit this site almost everyday and I love here. You make my english skill improved. Thank you so much!

Nasser, Spain
I'm a frequent visitor of this webpage. I think before this change it was an excellen webpage for learn english, but now it's better, the interface is great because I can find the activities in less time. It's also more aesthetic and it's a good resource for me, I'm very ambitious and I love learn English everyday. I expect you add more contents for example video activities, and different types of reading like as literary texts, and also a writing section to improve this skill.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Nasser. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map. There will be some new video content available later today, as we are starting a NEW series of The Teacher! Enjoy!

Elza, Georgia
I'm grateful to you. this site helps me so much, it's easy and amusing to learn from you. and your new site is amazing!

Heike, Germany
I've learned a lot of (good) English with your "BBC Learning English". Thank you very much indeed. And I thought to myself: these websites could not be better!But now the new web pages instructed me: BBC can do it!! Congratulations! You do a great job for all English learners! Thank You!

There is a problem with 6 minutes english because I can't listen to the program an read the script as before , how can I do ?

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback. If you want to listen to the audio and read the pdf script at the same time: 1. Right-click in the pdf file labelled "Text". 2. Select "Open in new window". This will open the script in a new window. 3. Then click on the audio link to start listening to the programme. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Dear Sir/madam I enjoy very much looking through your website, and the new one is even better very organized and very easy to find different subjects. Congratulations and thank you very much for helping us through the process of learning English Best Regards, Celeste Goes Salvador Brazil

Sebastian, Argentina
I think it needed something new . I surprised myself when I saw the new look. I like it, it's more formal.Thank you very much, you are helping me a lot.I have downloaded almost all files!!!

Paola, Italy
Great site! The older version was as great as the new one, but of course downloading the audio for words in the news is just wonderful. Now I've got loads of listening activities to bring to my students. Thanks a lot!

Valdeci, Brazil
I like to download many articles to listen in my free time.I don´t like when I found insteresting text but we don´t have download.Congratulations for this site and programs. I use this for some months and I love all the programs. I'd like more downloads.

Sebastien, France
I thinks that is great, I like it ! Keep on doing good work !

Natalia, Russia
This site is great!!! i would like you to add more stories with new words and their meanings. Thank you.

Karima Guerroudj, Algeria
your site is always helpful,wonderful,but now it became with this new look morvelous.we are very impresed and we have to be gratful that you are still with us , we learn a are realy the best carry on.

Edward, Taiwan
Gorgeous!! And useful as it used to be!!

Anita, Slovakia
Well, the secret has come out to all BBC LE enthusiasts! Congratulations, Callum! Oh, I have seen the picture of the keyboard that we chose together in November. ;-) The new-look site is fantastic and impressive. I like it so much! As I consider myself open-minded I love to learn and experience new things. However, to be honest, I liked the old-look site too. Words cannot tell you how grateful I feel for all that you have done: for creating this site, for helping me with my English. Thank you so much! Take care,

Haidong, China
Really good and quite useful, hope it become better and better.

Isabel, Argentina
I've always loved your site. The material is excellent, varied, meaningful (sorry this is the teacher within speaking). Now, it looks better and I think I can surf and download faster, is it so? Congratulations!

Shan, India
very nice

Esmail, Iran

Muhammad Riaz, Pakistan
It is an excelent site doing great service to english language.It is particularly very useful for people all over the world.Technique and style is simple and easy.We relish and enjoy it.

Helen, Ukraine
That's great! I have no day without the site and like to develop my English more.Thank you!

Roberto , Italy
my compliments for "the flatmates"-it's fun and addictive like a good book.It shows the professionality and passion of the authors.Keep up this most good work.

Fizzy, Pakistan
You guys are doing great. The new style is much polished and sleek. It's making people attracted through the colours and patterns, and content too.

Dadullah, Afghanistan
Dear the bbc learning English team.I hope you are fine. I like this site it is very easy metod for learning english language, Thnks for you

It's much better than 2 days before, I had some problems with finding my favorite topics but now is ok. I love it. Best regards,

Sultan, Pakistan.
i have come to know about this site just now.i find this site really useful for beginners.i like it.please add material about IELTS too.Thanks.

Bopea Yin, Cambodia
I like this new website. It is more easy to find a download file with colorful blocks. Moreover, I suggest having program for teaching Business English in depth. It is best helpful.Thanks

Adrian, Brazil
Dear Friends,I`ve been studying english with BBC for two years and I can say this is the best place to improuve our english skills. Thank you so much for your dedication and for this amazing new site.

Mohammad, Saudi Arabia
we do hope that there are some live lessons, and if there aren't can you make it.

Camila, Brazil
I loved it!It's more modern and pratical. And now it's following the same model of the - I was waiting for that the change would arrive here too.Congratulations.

Roman, Ukraine
BBC Learning English is probably the best website for both learning and teaching English. I find your materials really useful for my students, especially the "News about Britain" section. It would be great if you could create and add some activites to the "Words in the News" section - a story,followed by essential vocabulary and activities(as in "News about Britain).

Alessandra, Italy
Easy to use, I dont'have any problem, and I'll enjoy using the new page as usual. Thanks a lot for your help

Fernando, Paraguay
this page is so great... I think it could help me a lot improving my ENglish.. and besides all things.. the FLATMATES rocks :D

Tabea , Germany
Sorry !You don't need to reply - I've just found the site-map link !

Tabea , Germany
For starters I had the same feeling as in a supermarket, where all goods were rearranged. But this site is too good and helpful to be criticised, even though it might take a while to get used to the new order.Thank you all !

Hector, Mexico
this new website is very clear for all the people, i love thanks.

Naga, India.
The new look inspired me to do more study.

Yahya, Yemen
Hello I'm Yahya of Yemen, first, thank you for this wonderful program has provided me the money, study and fatigue, I am grateful for this program, which made me speak English, I can not but thank you your assessment, I had hoped to take a simplified explanation of how the composition of art news in Arabic, I am finding it difficult to understand sentence, thank you very much for this effort

Andre Berube, Canada
Yeah, nicer look too! Just a little problem I experienced on "6 minutes English"; I can't read the script and listen the audio at the same time like I'm used to. That's not so important anyway.Much is to let you know how I like "learning English" and how you are a useful resource in my English's improvement.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Andre. If you want to listen to the audio and read the pdf script at the same time: 1. Right-click in the pdf file labelled "Text". 2. Select "Open in new window". This will open the script in a new window. 3. Then click on the audio link to start listening to the programme. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Mehrdad, Iran
First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the previledge of being a perpetual visitor of BBC Learning English. It is one of the most authorized sources for every body who is engaged with English as a second language, and as an English teacher who currently is teaching in Iran I have always relied on it. People and Places is of high interest to me where I usually take lots of audio material accompanied with relevant scripts to provide my students with.I have to let you know that my studets really embraced the opportunity of being exposed to authentic English and it fairly motivated them to study more. I really thank you for all effort you put into this 'tall task' of designing this new website and would be grateful if you possibly could offer more and more up-to-date material. Wish you all good luck.

Ăva, Hungary
Dear BBC,I am fond of BBC learning English, it is more than useful, although i very miss the 'learning other language' site...Has it been canceled forever?All the best,Ăva

Serge, Russia
I think the old version was better. By the way thanks. I've got a quesiton: can't find several topics from section 'Words in the News'. For example: 'Ferrari's best ever profits'. And many others. Those are from archive. Many thanks in advance.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Serge. We welcome all comments. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map. The archive programmes for Words in the News can be found in the More Reports box, in the bottom right of the Words in the News index page.

José, Colombia
BBC learning english is an useful tool for the latin students. It makes easy the way to learn this important language. The new version of the website is attractive for the student and it motivates to intensify the study's hours.

I celebrate your new site view.But i can not appreaciate audio links.Before there were links to listen to the speeches online. I have a limited internet connection through a SERVER WHICH DOES NOT ALLOW TO download AUDIO FILES.NOW its impossible for me to listen to the speeches. Please,i need new audio links for online listening.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Gregori. You can still listen to the audio online, by clicking on the boxes labelled "Listen" or "Click to listen to the report". These are streamed audio files. The download audio files are in the Downloads box on the relevant page. If you want to listen to the audio and read the pdf script at the same time: 1. Right-click in the pdf file labelled "Text". 2. Select "Open in new window". This will open the script in a new window. 3. Then click on the audio link to start listening to the programme. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Milena De la Rosa, Colombia
I like the phrasal verbs in this page because it's the first time I see an easy way to learn that. I like much the videos too and the readings, thanks for this page. Excuse me if I wrote wrong.

Van Anh Nguyen, Vietnam
Thanks so much for your team's efforts to bringing us the wonderful site. This website is the invaluable resource to learn and improve English. I love BBC Learning English.

Hassan Hureshi , Saudi Arabia
the new website is pretty good and esy to find what you want.I hope it becoms more popular

Rock, Taiwan
Well, I feel the new website is more clearer to find each program and more easier to read. Thanks BBC learning english

Cemal, Turkey
Many thanks to you who make this website.this website very useful for learner Englis.I hope this website will live forever.thanks,thanks,thanks.

Marie, Georgia
I like it a lot and want you to create a site where i ll listen to speeches of intelligent people and phsycologists and religious persons about themes such as religion love and hatred and fairy tales too and poems with its explanations for example by shakespeare. I love u very very much truly all your team you are thr best and very kind to us you tace the greatest care of us all

Max jing, China
it gives me the feeling of fresh and tidy, i like it.

Oscar Gordillo, Colombia
I'd like to thank you for the great job that you are doing. Congratulations for the new look, it's very fresh and cool.

Imi, Iran
It is just awsome

Muhammad Zahirul, Saudi Arabia
I was surprised at the first sight and thought I have opened a wrong website even though I opened it from my Favourites list. But I like the new look now.As BBC Learning English Program is bringing changes in our lives in many ways, it has brought change in its look as well.Well done.

I have been using this site for more than one year to improve my English, and I like your new design, it's beautiful and usefull. Thank you for everything.

G Kulasekhara Das, India
Looks so nice and interesting!But where can we find the ARCHIVE!?I get used to the references earlier in the site. Please let me know where to get the old treasure?Could you possibly please?Thanking you

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Yana, Ukraine
It's always difficult to get used to a new look of the best old thing. We will try harder!

Akshay, India
Fantastic. Eye catching. I don't want to close it, even after my today's work got finished. I was quite familiar with old site, but i'm slowly forgetting that site.And i want to see few conversational videos.(along with text) For eg. shopping, interviews, debates etc. Really i'll be surprised then...Thanx for giving new site for us...

Samir, Azerbaijan
It's GREAT, CONGRATULATION BBC Learning English team !!! And thank you for add new mp3 matereals.

Zhang Yilong, China
I want to practice my English here

Hello team, I would like to ask what happenned with the rest of the bbc learning english team?...I don't see Jackie and William, for instance. Many thanks, Lina Maria Gomez M.

My Hanh, Vietnam
the new appearance to stimulate the reader. beautiful and scientific

god, Thailand
The news is too shot please report longer than this

Sergio, Argentina
Let me tell you that the new webside is as the previous one excellent.My friend and I gather together once or twice a week to talk in English mainly topics downloaded from the BBC because everything is so well-organized as well as update.Thank you for the service you offer BBC.

Serge, El Salvador
I like the new look of BBC Learning English, is more organized and clear.Congratulation! and thank you!

Bondy, Hong Kong
I'd like to listen to more informations about the popular goods which has had a big influence ( and icon) on the life of people in local or other countries. For example, Barbie dolls is the one which i am happy to hear about.

Meo, Vietnam
I do love BBC language website. I go to this web everyday because I can improve English and also learn other language such as Chinese and France free. This involution only focus on learning English. To be honest, this new style is eye-catching perform and good organisation. However, I can not find my favorite program to study other languge. Please tell me how I can keep going to study Chinese and France on BBC language web.

Sayed Ali Alwedaie, Bahrain
I don't know what to say! Fantastic! great! It is astonishing that I can download the audio for Words in the News... Thank you very very much.

Alfonso Dimas, Spain
Thanks very much for the improvement in the site. For me it is the best way of learning, apart from living in a english spoken country. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS AGAIN

Silvana, Uruguay.
I really love BBC Learning English website. The new one helps me even more when I have to choose authentic material to use in my classes. Keep doing things like this! Congratulations!

Pannabhoga Herngseng, Myanmar
To be honest, its difficult to find out website like BBC learningenglish. I have been downloading and studying for the past 2 years. its obviously i have learnt a lot particularly listening and speaking.Also I love learning usage from the new definition given the bold letters. it helps a lot.That's why i get stuck when i firstly couldn't find as usual from the day you changed. Now, I am OK with new categorise of forming style. I really love bbc learningenglish.

Weicheng Liu, China
I want to develope my oral English and listening English.

Alessandro Brando, Brazil
I've been studying here on BBC since 2003. You've been doing a great work here, guys. Now the best content has a brand new and fashioned design.Congrats!

Salvador Hernandez, Mexico
Hi, I realy want hear news & business topics in format mp3 to download, to hear anuwhere.tank your web is ameising,

Darek, Poland
You have made a good work, the new website is much more simply that old. I can find everything im looking for :) Thanks for that!

Temel, Turkey
your new site is wonderful. because its scope is extended compare with old version. also its visual is looking like more obvious than old version.The downloading is very fast...Many thanks all of you....

Mohamad, Egypt
The news web site is very simple, and I'm happy to can read and listhen in the same time.I cam downlod the voice.

Rainlee, China
I've been here for 3 years and a half. Most of the time, I am just the participant of Message Board. The new site has a clear-cut looking which is good. But I still haven't got used to the new coloring - I like the blue colors better.I like BBC Learning English as I have got to know a lot of wonderful friends here. Thank you, BBC Learning English!

Zuhal, Turkey
In my opinion, the old version was better than this new was very clear and I would found what I wanted to research very quick.Because the pictures help us so much.And what about The Teacher :)

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Zuhal. We welcome all comments. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map. You'll see that The Teacher is in the Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation section - and the new series starts tomorrow, 26th February.

Taher, Yemen
Thank you very much for the new site! Although i am new user of your site, i got more in learning English. I still everyday explore new interesting things. The best feature i hoped to be done is the downloadable audio of the WORDS IN THE NEWS, and it became as i wanted. So, I expect surely you will add everything we think about! Thank you very much again and again! Best Greetings From YEMEN

Evan, Taiwan
it becomes a more reader-friendly version which must attract more clicks!

Aleksandra, Poland
I liked very much the old version of this site. It was much more clearly to find the wanted section and I prefer the previous graphics. But maybe in time I will like it.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your comments Aleksandra. We welcome all feedback. We hope you'll like the new version of the site as much as the old one, in time. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Krapong, Thailand
I love this new site!It is very faster than the old oneand it looks great too.

It's a very good site, I'm very happy to found it. many thanks.

It is fantastic!!! I improve my English with you every day. Congratulations!!!!

Abdirahman, Somalia
Am a somali boy interesting to speak english as a native speaker then i like to read the news and listen at the same time to download the Audio in my MP3 player thanks bcc by

Giang, Ha noi, Vietnam
I like it and I want learning English media of site new.

Selin, Turkey
Hi, BBC Learing English Team. At first, I want to thank you very much tour team to support this gorgeous web site, the new look is perfect than ever. Looking forward to new stroies, news, informations...etc. Especially Flatmates series...Love much!

Eva, Slovakia
Your site is very inspiring for all of us who are eager to explore the new ways of learning English. I've been using this site for over 2 years and cannot resist to its helpful content, Face up to phrasals, Words in News, The Flatmates etc., simply great.The only thing I'm not used to yet and find it little bit disturbing is the new font used on the site together with the Learning English Home Page which I considered to be very 'learner friendly'. I was absolutely happy about the previous one which I found very optimal. Maybe it just takes time to accept the change. The content is what really matters here and that is far too good!!! Thanks to all of you.

Joon, Korea
What a tremendously cutting endge site!! First of all, I I really congraduate and appreciate your the newly realeased web site. Above all, I eagely welcome I can download 'World News' mp3 file!! By the virtue of your endeavor, I think it must be so enjoyable compared to previous site that I will be good at English as soon as possible. Anyway, thank you~!!

Mirek, Poland
Thanks for your efforts - you are perfect as always.But I noticed one problem just now browsing the new site. (maybe it crop up earlier)In the section "Meet the team" there are seven names. There're present team's members, I suppose. However, there are people who are reading an archive texts as well. (like me) And for those would be nice to "meet" also team's members who, probably, don't work for BBC now. (e.g. Jackie Dalton - my favourite) Would it be possible to "meet" them at "Meet the team" again.

Rubén Calvo
Hello! I,d like to find " Ten days in Manchester" in Business section. How can I find it in the new site?. Thank you

BBC Learning English replies:
You can find Ten Days in Manchester on the archive carousel, at the bottom of the page in the General and Business English section . If you need to check where any other pages are in the new layout, you can also refer to the site map.

Ali Veli
so good so good...

Laura, Russia
I really prefer new version. thats nice!

Ricky, Italy
The site is fantastic. I would like to see the "Words in news" section updated everyday, OR structure the home like a perfect home-page of the browser, with something new everyday. However you're work is fantastic for every non-English speaker in the world

Adam, Poland
It was a great idea! I like it

Mahshid, Iran

Dimple, India
Hey really this site is very beneficial ...i really like it very much ...i think this is the perfect site to learn english but i want to give one suggestion that please learn and add a option 2 speak fluently english n give some tips....thnx....

Adriana, Brazil
I think the new website with the new lauyout is the one that best personify what means the word wonderful!!!

Baki Azerbaycan
hello i want you put this site new words

Nssskknath, India
I want you to provide us all the related information as a single book(easily readable and downloadable) i.e for e.g.all the prepositions and their explanations at one place, all the idioms at one place and all the pdfs as one booklet.This type of giving related information as a single book makes every student(including the poor) in the world to depend on you to improve their english language.The world, really, appreaciates your team's effort and will appreciae forever.

Chiara, Italy
This new website is simply the best for italian students too. I love bbc learning english.

lou, Italy
Thank you so much for helping all of us to improve our English. your website is so usefuuuuuul

Alba, Spain
This website is completely helpful for a freshman of an English degree!!I like it a lot!Thank you very much.

Mehmet Erensayin
BBC Learning English is my best site. I can get help whenever I need about learning English and I met very nice people in here. Your new site seems attractive as much as old one.

Victor Baatweng, Botswana
I think its user friendly...!Thanx

Jason Lin, Taiwan
The new site is clearer and easier for me to find out what I'd like to read and listen to. You did a great job.

Mario, Venice - Italy
I must say that the new features are quite acceptable. What mostly matters so far, it is the highly entertaining of BBc Learning English perspective that makes us feel happier!

Peter Jimo, Sudan
very good

Alex, Germany
I think the old version was better, nevertheless, thanks for the new one too.

Angela, Dubai
This is a very useful and informative website. It's also helpful for English learner. I love it!

Jack, Hong Kong
Congratulations !! your site is useful and the best place to learn english. i have to thank for the hard working of your staff.

Sunny, China
Simple but convenient, you make leaning english so funny and easy.thank the way, could you make the site rainbow colors.

Mimi, S.Korea
This is a great website for learning, teaching English and the new version is fantastic. I need a little getting used to but it definitely looks more modern! :) When is the professor updating the 'up to date English' section? :(

Omid, Iran
As an English teacher who currently is teaching in Iran,I have always trusted BBC as one the most authorised resources in terms of authentic material for learning English.People and Places is with no doubt among the best sections offered on the site as it provides students with audio files accompanied with relevent scripts which helps them digest the case more comprehensively.At first I took a cynical view of such material as to whether they would work in my classes or not, but then I said 'let the procces begine' and once tried it, well students embraced the opportunity and it fairly worked.I really thank you for all effort you put into this 'tall task',and I would be grateful if you possibly could supply your friends with more up-to-date material.Wish you all luck

Manish, India
This is superb and very attractive. I love this new face of the BBC Learning English. Many many congratulations to the BBC Learning English Team. Thank you very much indeed.

Congratulation BBC LEARNING ENGLISH for your new webside design.good job!!!!Eventually,Your website with any design is really useful because we can feeling and learning english like a native and it's so amazing for us.Thanks with best wishes,

Zafar, Pakistan
It seems excellent for me.This site gives me lot of confidence in order to enhance my language skills

Ali, Iran
Your new site is great but it is better that separate any one of skills like listening,speaking and etc.

Michael, Egypt

Hitomi, Taiwan
Nice and help me improve my English, Thank you

Lena, Vietnam
You have a very goood site for people's learning.I want to learn English for my work.I hope you hepl me.

June, China
The site is very great,this is very helpful for me to learn English,there are many contents in the site.I believe that this site will be more and more nice,in the future, it will have many people use the site to learn English.Thanks.

Vi, VietNam
I do like this site so much. I can download more audio. Thanh you so much.But I think you should make a short video news daily, of course, the learners can download this video including transcripts.Thank you for all!

Dadullah, Afghanistan
I like your all of program your new site. Thanks foryou,If not problom for you add dialog text your program I have needed.becase my covrsation is very bad. Thanks for you.

Chauveau, France
This morning I am quite lost ...I don't meet you as the others days!!!!I must do an effort!!!It's beautiful but I am worried.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Chauveau. Don't worry. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

This is really good site for me i love this site more then myself . thankes to those who direct it

Kamil, Iraq
I like the old site becaose it was my best friend since two years.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Kamil. We hope that in time, you'll like the new look of the site as much as the old version. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Gak, Pakistan
congratulate all of you for providing us such a wonderful site to learn what i want .i'm really very very greatful and of course new look of the site is very simple and cute and i think, good change and improvement always healthy for anyone and now i'm very very excited for every new thing.good luck

Max, Peru
i like the new website but in download section doesn´t appear the dates itself...and that is a little confused

Thaer Tomeh, Syria
i like too much English language and i hope to be my native language so i hope to helping me to get it Best WishesThaer

Y.Hosseini, Iran
I'm very satisfied with it. Thanks all.

Luis, Spain
Congratulations! I think it's great.Thank you.

Muhammad Naseer, Pakistan
I was studying at British Council when 9/11 incident caused the British Council to close its most of operations in Pakistan and like most of the students I was greatly disappointed. But one day while searching on the internet I came across and ever since I am recommending this site to every one. I am happy that this site has effectively fulfilled the gap. The new site is much improved and shaped very well. I want to congratulate the whole team for making so much effort and proving us with an opportunity to learn English inexpensively. I would further suggest that the site may also be improved from bingers and working people.

Kate, Taiwan
It's looks very fresh.I love it.

Ikramullah Ibrahimi
I really like and enjoy the site. I teach English as a second language. I need a lot of English materials. I found some here, but not all.I need a concise note of pronunciation and challenging grammar.I would be grateful if you could help me.Thanks

Jamal Nasir, Pakistan
Hi Everyone,I'd like to say that New website look is awesome. I think it's one of the best site for me no doubt about it that a lot of information avaiable for learning.I'm crazy of your site, i daily visited when I don't visit this website i don't feel relax.Thanks.

Mahesh, India
hi ur website is more simple and! thats nice ..keep up the good work..ur website is actually helping me shape my career !!!!

Olgert, Latvia.
Thank you! You do a great job. I am learning English and found BBC site is very useful and helpful for my target. In the future I'm going to use your web site more then ever.

Antonio, Mexico
This is the best side for learn english.All your features are good and I don't change nothing. Many thanks!

Jenny, Malaysia
Congratulation to BBC Learning English!I like this website and like to listen the latest news! Besides, I hope that BBC Learning English can add Sports article, because users can learn English via sports activities like football, basketball, tennis, swimming and more. Last but not least, my suggestion is BBC Learning English add new function, that is users send any essay to BBC and BBC marks or corrects the grammar and vocabulary mistakes for users. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Tim, Taiwain
It is extremely sensational!

Silvio, Italy
I think the new website has a good graphic interface. It si very friendly and easy to use. Good job!!!

Jaime Montoya, El Salvador
Wow, the site looks awesome and beautiful. I love it!

I hope i can get use of it! Thanks !

Pepe Castro, Mexico
First of all Thanks for this website is helpful.I think is easy to surf on it; It has all programs that I use to study. So, in my opinion is a new way to study english. Congratulations to the learning english team.

Thang, Vietnam
Nice look and easy for listen, download. But, I need more brand new and update episodes which are read by genuine UK speaker. Thanks!

Tina, Taiwan goodness! That was what I felt in my mind when I saw the brand new look of BBC Learning English. I'd absolutely love to check out the website every day.

Mohammed, Kuwait
yes, this is what we need,very nice

Joon, El salvador
The new revamped site is excellent in terms of design structures, easy use, good looks, better providing contents, specially implementing on partial Web responses in response to clicking buttons such as tree structure words threads, listening buttons.THANK YOU!!!

Young Bong, South Korea
I study everyday in this website.It's really helpful to me. Thanks for it.

Zalmai, Afghanistan
i hope found this section very interestign. it is really helpful for ones who want to develop their english language professionly.

It's great!I like it very much!

I love new site.It's very useful for study English. Supper Thanks.

i am student and i want to learn english

Gilberto, Mexico
Hello friends, I am really happy with these changes on your website because it looks more interesting. Thankyou

Beatriz, Venezuela
Great change! I really like it! and I would like to thank you because I have learned a lot with this website, is very useful for me. Many thanks.

Yin Yan,China
I don't think it's a good idea to sweep the click which is used to enter the BBC world service.

Shin, Korea
I've been looking forward to downloading the words in the news from BBC, but for now, it came true. One thing that I love BBC, is that you all keep your ears open to the students. I'd like to appreciate you on behalf of all students!!

Stenhia, Vietnam
I love BBC and i would like to say " i like new site of BBC".

Ho Sig Kang
At first, I was completely confused cause this site was the first one to read everyday while I stayed in London for one and a half years and I left for Korea only just one month ago! Anyway, I hope there will be more fantastic contents which I study with to improve my English. Thanks a lot!

Alonso, Mexico
Hi, This is the second I check this site, and I have to say that I'm lost. You should add a section with information in order to let users get know this site better. Anyways, it seems bbclearningenglish is an excellent website.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Alonso. We welcome all comments. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Tina, China
well, I 'm so happy that everything still there. and thanks for offering the download the audio of Words in the News. Like an old friend who has trimmed his hair,changed his clothing,but still own the soul I like.

Nayive, Colombia
i love it

Hai, Vietnam
I'm surprise it.thank new site.its the best website for me.

Meily, Cambodia
It is very nice and totally great I really enjoy this new site so much and i really thank u and appreciate it i hope that in the future BBC will help me more to improving my English thank U :-)

Arwa, Canada
I hope it will be better,with best wishes

Lilians Ruggiero, Uruguay
HELLO THE LEARNING ENGLISH TEAMIt was very pleasantly surprised to find a new look ,we note that we are very important for yours like yours are for us, thank very muchi apreciate more exercise like BEYOND THE POSTCARD

Simorn, Cambodia
Fantastic! I really like the new interface of the web, especially, the audio files of words in the news.Many thanks to Learning English team

Svetlana, Russia
I do like this new site. That's great we can improve our speaking, listening and other abilities besides personal enrichment!!!

Better look,Better enjoyment!

Azam Ansary, Afghanistan
This site is wonderful and a very joyful English lessons I am getting from your site. Thank you very much for your so lovely and successful dileveries. Wish you all the best with thanks and regards.

Mohammed, Canada
Thanks so much for helping us to learn English.I wish that new style makes BBC easy to use.It is great idea if you open page for comments.

Abel, Peru
It looks nice!!!

Wilton, Brazil

Pedrus, Recife, Brazil
Thank you,for me your site is be the best way to learn and inglish.

Monica, Colombia
This site is realy interesting.

Charmmy, Macao
I love this new version of learning english BBC. Thanks~ I have been always searching for website that teaches more idioms, slangs and inspirational quotes or expressions, or even a website that provides a phase of a day or a word of a day would be great!!

Milliongura, South Korea
Lovely!!!^^This is twice visiting this site, though. I'm very surprised of kindness that you're suggesting how to learn English by web site. And,It looks that the outline is more well organized. Thank you.

To be honest, I prefer the old version. Anyway I like bbc

Hello BBC team,It's more better if the listening program with scriptsthanks!

Sophia - Brazil
I really love the site. It´s useful and interesting.I can improve my English every time I come here, and I appreciate very much the pronunciation lessons.

Serenite, France
I like the new version of this site. But I still need to know how can I plan my studies' program.

Park Sa-Jong
I think new home pages is easy to find the information for studying English.

Henry Reyes Ferreira, Colombia
Good evening. Is wonderful, I feel so happy, enjoy very much this site, I´ve learned too much with you. thank for all. Have a good day. I love you so much.

Sebastian, Uruguay
This website is great, I've learnt a lot here. thanks

Giacomo, Italy
Very good site, maybe some speech with different accents (american, australian,..) could be nice to hear, just to compare with your perfect english.

Farhad, Iran
Thank you so much.It's perfect and excellent.I hope I will be able to use it,but I don't know how I can use it efficiently.I have been familiar with this site a few days ago.Would you please offer me some points to use it better?regards

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback. We provide many resources to learners who are trying to improve their English Language skills. On our website you can find answers to specific language-related questions, practise your pronunciation, and build your vocabulary by reading the Words in the News section and completing the fun quizzes. You will find that some audio, video and reading material is available for you to download. You can join our message board - this is a great way to develop your skills, as well as make some new friends! Happy learning! .

Juanma, Spain
I'd really like to watch more videos than now beacuse currently there are a few. It's to difficult to find some differents dialogs by level.In my opinion, it'll be interesting offering the information by levels so it'll be easier.

Begona, Spain
Very visual and easy to surf along. Thanks for being so practical and essential in teaching English.

Scipione, Brazil
The new site is much more clean, easy to navigate. I love BBC Learning English. It helps me to improve my english day by day. Many thanks to all team. Keep on with this fantastic job. Now it is easier for us to print and listen to the stories and news, because all link has pdf and mp3 to do it. Congratulations for all of you, BBC Leaning English Team.

Kayvan, Iran
Hello,first,I do congradulate you on the new site,it's designed nicly.The important point which helps you to strengthen the quality of site is to have information about different dimentions.As an example I've been searching through your site to find some reading texts to help my elementary students,but unfortunately,Ive found nothing.I think you're awared that learning new vocab items whitout reading can not be so useful,otherwise learners can underestand new words by the help of an interesting text.I do need some elemantary reading texts in order to help my students.I think if you design a new part for elemantary students,it can be useful for your site and your viewers. special thank to you and best whishes.

Monica, Italy
Really beautiful and very very useful! Thank you so much!

Daniela, Italy
I am very happy to have the possibiity to learn English with you! thank you very much

Pazu, S Korea
Congratulate on your brand new website it looks fresh and convenient to see compared to before. I hope more peoples access and develop thier English through NEW BBC Learning English site.

Muneer, Pakistan
It is very nice to saw this site which provide by BBC for the learners of english language, So its nice, but not engough because this is not for biggners, so plz create so simple for all kind of listners which'r taking advantage by your site. thanks for giving this good site.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Muneer. We welcome all comments, and we'll do our best to take them into consideration for any future changes to the website. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Dr Iahador Vaghari, Iran
Thanks a lot for your very practical site,and thanks that you greaten educating english.your new version is much better,good luck.

Bri, Sweden
I think it´s harder to find things now on bbc learn english, I hope you will change back some day!

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Bri. We welcome all comments. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Stephane, France
Nice to see what you are looking like and thanks a lot for everything.

Slavko, Ukraine
Wow! To be honest it looks much better! Great work!

Zé Manéh, Brazil
I hate it.

Siralkhatim, Sudan
I am very glad with this new site i hope to provide us more.

Nana, Doha
Realy very wonderful site.I spend most of my time diving in its deep sea to discovrt as much as I can.

I am very glad with this new site and i hope to provide us more .

My favorite website is BBC learning english. I read it every week but I don't listen to everything very well. The new site is better than the old site. I wish there were more videos. Thank you for everything.

Harriet, UK
I don't have any comments, but im very happy because i can learning every thing

Fani Ferreiro, Spain
It helps me to study english very much

Talha, Sudan
Now i think that i am at the right line to improve my english langage because i became a member of this site. i belive on change i think that it is good

Vladimir, Slovakia
bbclearningenglish is very nice site. Its good for learn english.

I wish you could add some writing lessons as well.Thank you so much

Flor, Mexico
This is my first time in the site, I also see good information and operation. i know new words and will try to forget the fear when speaking

Naheed, Pakistan
I want to say one more thing about 'The flatmates' that I liked its old view which I last visited yesterday. To listen to the audio it used to open realplayer but now it plays on the page which I think takes a little longer to recieve bites to play it.

Ricardo Anselmo, Brazil
I enjoy the new website. Thanks to offer us an opportunity to learn english!

Sunil Pathiraja, Sri Lanka
I have been using BBC Learning English to teach English for the last five or six years. My teaching is mostly on line now and I can depend on your site to give my students a feel about standard British English. I hope the new look and features will make the site more useful.All the best ..!Sunil Pathiraja

Hicham, Morocco
I like you new site bbc you are the best.

Naheed, Pakistan
I like the new look of the new site. All the links are easily accessible so speaking of the layout, it's handy. I have a small suggestion that there should be a space for something like 'word of the day' and 'daily colloquial expression' and stuff like that.

Sonja, Germany
I'm a beginner in English learning. I hope i can improve my english skills with the new site.

Knipperdolling, Germany
Congratulations! Your new pages look great. Now I'm waiting for the next parts of "up-to-date", "The teacher" and - above all - "How to ...".By the way, I'm still missing the former "BBC Learning English e-mail group".RegardsKnipperdolling

Dragunskis, Brazil
I´ve liked the new site...old site I also liked.I think that some podcasts of differents situations can help us better.Best whishes!

Boulfrakh, Algeria
I find this site very intersting to learn english and more .i visit this site daily it's very rich. About the new site i find more useful and attractive. Well i have an IELTS test in march or april ,i prepare from this site ,wish me a good luck thanks

Marisela, Venezuela
Well, better, impossible. Congratulations. I listen to the audios and so on everyday in my mp3 and I've improved a lot, I think getting to download others features such as Words in the news will be better for me. thinks. Why not publich others episodes of funky phrases, grammar challenge, to make available the audios from The Teacher apart from the video just available, and the funky phrasals has audios which can't be played on mp3. oh wonderful the flatmates it was a big surprise to meet Helen, Alice, Khalid and Tim just as they are. Well, again congratulations all of you

Kazimierz, Poland
Dear Sir/Madam,Thank you very much for your English teaching service. I am happy to listen and read your lessons and have possibility to get contact with live British language.I would like to share my impressions about new appearance of the Website. It is nice, but it is a pity, that the windows of Listen are not independent from the Scripts. I solve this inconvenience by copying the Script to the Word sheet or open the site twice simultaneously.However, independent window of Listen would allow to stop listening and repeat it when necessary to hear again the phrase without breaking watching the script. Furthermore, for that purpose large windows of Listen would be more useful.Yours faithfully,Kazimierz .

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your feedback Kaz. We welcome all comments, and we'll do our best to take them into consideration for any future changes to the website. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

LeAnn, South Korea
Wow! Congratulations!I prefer this new site to the one before. Especially, I like refined and simple design of this version. Now it's more easy to find contents. I appreciate your effort!

Ana, Spain
I want to thank you for the new changes. I had problems before with the listening files. Now is fantastic i can use it from any computer. Well done.

Marisela, Venezuela
Well, I can't say anything about the look or what I like and not. That's because I think I need time to actually see clearly what are the differences and the advantages or disavantages. I need to get used to this new look. bye

Amib , Iran
Well, i think this version is so brilliant. i love it.thank you for this changing

Augusto Jose Dias, Brazil
That's it! Great! Congratulations BBC team.

I love your site.

Ramona, Latvia
I very like new site. It's so good. Thanks for it.

Klebsson, Brazil
Love at first sight!

Alex, Romania
the best website ever met,the new version or the old one, doesn't matter, what counts is that you are the best. thanks bbc for helping me to improve my English

Sarah, Iran
Firstly,I should congradulate you on your new website.It's sweet as ever!And seems even more organized.I should also thank you for all the efforts you make to provide us with what so ever a language student might need.And I'm quite sure there is still a lot more to discover!Thank you again,and hope you the best!

Wafa, Tunisia
very nice

Folicaldi Daniele, Italy
For me, Your site is be the best way to learn and improve english and the new arrangment is the best of the best ! A BIG EMBRACE FROM ITALYTHANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!

Kisang Kim, Korea
I've been waiting for the audio for Words in the news for a long time, because listening to the news is the best way for you to improve your English and keep up with up-to-date news at the same time. I'm really happy that I can listent to the Words in the News using my ipod. My favorite programs are Business English, Insight, and 6 minute Englis. As I'm a office worker, Business English is a great help, and I acquire a lot of casual expressions from 6 minute Enlish, the length of which is appropriately short so I can easily focus on. Moreover I can improve my knowledge through Insight. I think my English level is intermediate, and I can understand your various dialogs with the help of friendly and detailed explanation, although it's not 100%. Anyway, the point is that your material is excellent!If you publish a book using the materials like Business English and 6 minute English, I'm willing to pay for it. There are not much opportunities to meet British and listen to British accenct in Korea except British council. I've taken an IELTS class at BC at weekends, but I've never recognized the existence of your site. Very few people know the existence of your site in Korea. If you publish a book, I'm sure the chance to promote your site will rapidly increase. Finally, your site helps me save my money on English Education. I really appreciate your cite.I hope your site will keep moving forward and give many chances to as many people as possible.

Ewa, Poland
Love bbc learinng English!!!! Many thanks for all people working on this website. I'm very appreciate. New layout is ok. I like: keep ur English up to dates, talk about English, face up the phrasals, news about Brittan. Very helpful is 'ask about English', pronunciation tips and business English and how to ... Look forward to see more about business language, etc. All the best,

Dumitru Florea, United States
You are great. I like very much BBC, besonders news. Sorry I don't very much english, but I want to learn.I wish you best erfolg.

Tainara Campanini
Oh man, I dont even know what say, but I know that however the page of bbc is , it will ever help usxD

This is a great site,it helps me much in pronunciation.It's an interesting way to learn,I am able to spend here a whole afternoon or evening.In 3 words:actual,exciting and diversified.Thanks a lot and greetings from snowy Hungary!:-)

Rehan, Pakistan
Assalamoalaikum i appreciate for providing such a very well website for learning english...i will hope it help me to improve my english. Thanks alottttt

NeĹźegĂĽl, Turkey
Firstly, thanks alot for your helping to improve our language skills.Also I thnik it is very easy and usefull for all people.I ve learned alot things especially new words...Thnaks again..And good luck

Jaime, Argentina
Congratulations! The website is friendlier than it used to be.Saludos,Jaime

Ahmed, Kenya
Hello BBClearningenglish team i am very happy about the new site, it's very interesting, and the use is simple, I have to say I emproved my English throughout this site, I can't image in the world of learning English with out BBCLEARNINGENGLISH.

Carlos, Paraguay
My english is very elemental, but I think the new learneig is going to be better.

Bui Van Hoa, Vietnam
I am very excited about the new look of BBC Learning English.Since BBC Learning English was launched, I have been visiting the site regularly and found many interesting things. BBC Learning English has helped me a lot in my English.The new site makes navigating a lot easier and finding stuff more quickly. It really helps irrespective of whether you are familiar with the old site or you are a beginner. I think in the future BBC Learning English should hold competitions for learners from around the world.

Paris, Toulouse France
I prefer the old site much easier to use, I make my own sites for a university in Toulouse.Thank you a lot to provide your time to publish an English course.Good Life

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks for your comments, Paris. We welcome all feedback. If you need to check where any pages are in the new layout, you can refer to the site map.

Manuel, Peru
It is very interesting !thans.Manuel

E.T, Taiwan
I really love this new version.It's quite simple and colorful,and makes me easy to find topics I want. Also, I love"our regular features" which shows which day I can find the newest one.The last one,game is so interesting."Beat the keeper" is very fun and let me enloy learning. Thank you for your new version, new vision.

Tower, Vietnam
This website looks really new! More clear, simple makes us find something more easily. The old one sometimes confused me very much when I'm a new user. Thank you for the change. But it looks a little bit of too bright

Saeed, Iran
It's great and easy to use, but I could not find the Q&A,s Archive!

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks Saeed. We're pleased that you like the site. You can find the Q&A archive here Ask about English index page , under the Question Categories section. If you need to check where any other pages are in the new layout, you can also refer to the site map.

Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Pakistan
Hello.I am studing at Internatioal Islamic University,Islamabad.I face much difficulties in speaking and writing.Plz,guide&help me in this connection.Best regards.Ejaz.

Ibrahima DANFA, France
Hi BBC learningenglish,It's with a great satisfaction that I see the new site. I thank you and hope for all your team good luck.

Naresh Rana, India
It very nice

Mari, Japan
Woow!! I'm really surprised and happy! This site has had a lot of good changes! I love the colors and the contents are easier to search!. Well done BBC staff and thanks for a nice site. It has helped me a lot to improve my English this two years, since I found it! I feel motivated studing with this brand new look! I'll be waiting for more and new stories, news, interviews too!! xoxo from Japan!

Sam, Korea
It's nice to hear that has changed.I've learned English a lot from here. Thanks!

Chris, S.Korea
How beautiful fireworks!more simple and quite clean.i like it.but i just need more essay meterials.that's all. thank a million!

HaEun, Korea
Wow! What a wonderful new site!It's very nice. Especially, I can find each weekday features easily and will enjoy BBC Learning English Programme.Thank you always!

Michele, Italy
The new website looks more enjoyable, and more downloadings means more freedom of learning. As for the content, I think that the grammar section should be more structured, as at the moment, it seems to be focused on various topics, here and there, without showing a consistent approach. So, a little bit of attention to this aspect, would mean a better learning for us.Anyway, thanks a lot for yr job. It gives a great chance to the non-speaking English world.

Fernando Ardanese, Roma, Italy
the new site is very friendly and I hope it will be very usefull for learning english like the old one ... great BBC for people like me who wants to learn english!

Djahida, Algeria
I have nothing to say axcept encouraging you for the change. I would like also to thank you for the effort you always make. Thank a lot.

Yelena, Armenia
I really like your new site. It's easy to use. Hope it help me to improve my english.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks Yelena! We're glad that you like the new site and are finding it easy to use.

Semi, Park South Korea
Hi, I appreciate for providing such a good website for learning English.I've learned lots of useful expressions, phrases, idioms from your resources. I'm just wondering where I can find last resources at the momnent? For example, entertainment, people , etc.Thoses help me a lot.So, I just want you to give me the answer about it. Thanks a lot.

BBC Learning English replies:
Thanks Semi. We're pleased that you like the site. You can find the Entertainment, and People and Places content here Watch and Listen archive . If you need to check where any other pages are in the new layout, you can also refer to the site map.

Ivana Serbia
Hello BBC team,I am learning english for a year and you are great. The Flatmates are the best. New city is ok, but iI do not like grey color, it is so sad. Make same happy,rainbow colors.Best luck!

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