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Grammar challenger Hiroko from Japan

Time prepositions
Prepositions are small grammatical words that usually go before nouns and pronouns. There are many different prepositions that are used to describe where things are, how things happen and when things happen, for example. In this Grammar Challenge we focus on the prepositions we use with certain time expressions

Today Hiroko from Japan is challenged to choose the correct prepositions.


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At – for times of the day

at half past 7
at midnight
at sunset
at breakfast time

On - for days and dates

on the 5th of June
on Tuesdays,
on Saturday morning
on Christmas day

In - for longer periods of time

in April
in 1987
in the winter of 1976
in the 1930s

No preposition – for some time words



Download Nuala's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 32k)

Download this programme (mp3 - 1.8 MB)

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Now it's your turn to practise time prepositions . Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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In the next programme, Fatima from Iran is challenged to produce the present perfect.

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