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Daewon from South Korea - 'It's my first time broadcasting, so I'm nervous and afraid!'
Daewon from South Korea, who is studying at The English Studio Language School
Wish + Past Perfect
In a previous programme, we found out how to use the word 'regret' to talk about things in the past that we wish we could change now. Today, we're challenging Daewon from South Korea to talk about his past regrets, but using different grammar: wish + past perfect...


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Wish + Past Perfect

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To express regrets about past events, we use the subject, followed by wish/wishes, followed by the past perfect (subject + had/hadn't + past participle).

subjectwish(es)past perfect 
IwishI had boughta new coat

subjectwish(es)past perfect 
shewishesshe hadn't boughta new coat

Do/doessubject wish past perfect 
Doesshe wish she hadn't bought a new coat?

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Now it's your turn to practise using wish + past perfect. Go to our first quiz page here.

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In the next programme, we're focussing on the pronunciation of wish + past perfect...

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