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Noelia from Spain: 'I love the Tate Modern and the National Gallery, the National History Museum... I love museums!'

Reported questions
In a previous edition of Grammar Challenge, we looked at reported speech. We use reported questions when we want to relate a question that someone has asked. In today's challenge, we ask Noelia from Spain to take a call from William's mum... and then to form correct reported questions.


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Say who was talking and use a reporting verb. Repeat the question word, or use if or whether for yes / no questions. Statement word order, change the pronouns and move the tense back if necessary.

Use a reporting verb...
She asked if we were going over for tea.
For yes / no questions, use if or whether...
She asked if we were going over for tea.
Repeat question words...
She also asked how we were going to get there.
Use statement word order, change pronouns and move the tense back if necessary...
She asked if we were going over for tea.


Download Catherine's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 55 K)

Download this programme (mp3 - 1.8 MB)
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Take the challenge
Now it's your turn to practise reported questions. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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Next week, we'll focus on this structure: verb, object and to + infinitive...

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