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Vittorio from Switzerland - It's the first time that I go on the radio... I think it's good!'

So / such
Some people find this week's grammar point so tricky they give up trying to work out the rule! Luckily, Grammar Challenge is on hand to give such a clear explanation that everyone's doubts should be cleared up.


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So / such

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So... that and such... that are used to describe reasons and results.

So + adjective + that

Subject & verb so adjective that (result)
The ice-cream was so good that I ordered a second bowl

Such + adjective + noun + that

Subject & verb such adjective + noun that (result)
It was such good coffee that I drank three cups
It's such a great restaurant that I'll definitely go again


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Now it's your turn to practise so and such. Go to our first quiz page on this subject here.

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Next week, we'll have the first of two programmes on subject-verb agreement.

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