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The Blue Plaque
The Blue Plaque



Throughout the years many famous and distinguished people have lived and worked in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom.

If you travel around London you may see special blue signs attached to houses which remember some of these people. These signs are known as Blue Plaques and there are over 700 in London. The Blue Plaques indicate that the person named on them used to live or work in that place.

Nick Rennison is the author of a book, The London Blue Plaque Guide. He prepared a series of talks for BBC Learning English on a number of historical figures remembered by Blue Plaques.

These talks are suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced level students.

Each page has an extras section. In that section you can find
  • a comprehension quiz based on the talk
  • a link to vocabulary definitions (of bold words and phrases from the text)
  • a download of the transcript of the talk

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The Blue Plaque Project
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