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How To


- making suggestions


- making a point


- disagreeing


- showing understanding


- closing topics


- expressing uncertainty


- extending a conversation

A woman and a bus driver in conversation


Showing interest

In this programme, we find out how to keep a conversation going and keep it lively!

When you've listened to the programme, don't forget to check out the gestures and facial expressions we can also use to continue a conversation.

Vocabulary around conversations:


to extend

linking words


a secret

sworn to secrecy


'Give us a clue'


facial expressions

continues easily without stopping and starting

to make longer

words that are used to get from one part of a conversation to another, e.g. 'and then', 'so'

talk and information about other people's lives or behaviour which might be untrue or even unkind

something that's been told to you in confidence, so you shouldn't repeat it or tell anyone else

have been made to promise not to reveal something

try to find the answer to a question without knowing whether you'll be right or wrong

an informal way of asking for more information to help you guess the answer to a question, and here, 'us' can refer to one person

movements of the body, limbs or head to show what you're thinking, what you mean or how you feel

looks on someone's face which show what they are thinking, what they mean or how they feel


Here are some used by two of our team members.


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