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Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar! Tell us about something in the past that you regret. We'll publish our five favourite comments.

This area has now closed. Please note that we only publish five comments. If you wrote in but we didn't publish your comment, then do try again another time.

Basak Bilgin, Turkey
I regret not going shopping enough. I regret still thinking about my ex-boyfriend. I regret not spending enough time with my dad. I regret not studying enough. I'm sure I'll regret not spending enough time with him, when he comes to Turkey.

Catherine says:
My goodness, Basak, that's a lot of regrets! I hope you have a few things that you don't regret doing, too!

You have used the grammar correctly in all these regrets, Basak. I especially like the way you have used adverbs and modal verbs correctly when you said 'I regret still thinking about my ex-boyfriend.' and 'I'll regret not spending enough time with him...'

So you shouldn't regret sending us your comment! Thanks Basak!

Jimmy, Vietnam
I had a girlfriend when I was young, about ten years ago. At that time, I was so shy that I couldn't show my feelings. You know I have been loving her up to now. Ten years past by, I didn't keep in touch with her, but I always dream of her all the time, I really want to know how she is doing and what her marriage status is. I have been thinking about the destiny, there is something people only feel the preciousness when lost it. I regret not telling her about my feeling at that time, if I have one more chance I'll tell her that I love her so much.

Catherine says:
What a sad story, Jimmy. Maybe you will get to see her one more time...

You have used regret + not + verb-ing correctly to talk about your regret. However, when you wrote: Ten years past by, you used the preposition past. You should have used the past simple verb passed.

Thanks again, Jimmy!

David Juan Carlos, Colombia
I regret not enrol on a university degree while I was living in England.

Catherine says:
It's a good idea to make the most of every opportunity for study, David, so I can understand your regret.

You have made a mistake with your grammar here, David. Don't forget that you should use a verb-ing with this structure. You wrote: 'I regret not enrol'... but you should have written 'I regret not enrolling'

Listen to the programme again and try quiz 2 - you won't regret it!

Thanks for your comment, David!

Win, Myanmar
I regret not to get married!

Catherine says:
Hi Win! I'm sure the right person is waiting just around the corner for you...

We need to check the grammar of your comment, Win. You wrote 'I regret not to get married', but don't forget, after 'regret' you need to use a verb-ing, not an infinitive form. So a correct version of your comment would be: 'I regret not getting married'

Practice makes perfect! Thanks for commenting, Win!

Juan Luis, Spain
I regret not spending much time with my father in his last years when he was alive. I regret not studying English harder when I was younger but I don't regret studying English nowadays with BBC Learning English because I'm improving my English skills. I regret not finding out this site before. Thank you very much to the whole team of BBC Learning English.

Catherine says:
Thank you very much for your kind comments, Juan Luis!

You have used regret + verb-ing correctly in positive and negative forms - well done.

You need to check your prepostitions in this sentence: 'I regret not finding out this site before.' You should have written 'I regret not finding out about this site before.'

Thanks for your comment, Juan Luis!

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