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Juliana and The English studio, Holborn
Juliana is a student at The English Studio, Holborn
Question Tags
In this week's programme, we challenged Juliana to form correct question tags (also called tag questions). Will she succeed? And what on earth is a question tag anyway? Find out by listening to the show!

Listen to the programme!

download audioDownload this programme (mp3 - 1.5mb)

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A question tag is a short question at the end of a sentence, which we use to find out information or check information that we already have. This is how you form question tags:

Positive sentence - negative tag You will do it quickly, won't you?
Negative sentence - positive tag She isn't happy, is she?
Main verb - use 'do' We went to the party, didn't we?
Pronouns Yuki and Tomo are Japanese, aren't they?

download scriptSee more grammar tables (pdf - 34k)
download scriptDownload Catherine's full grammar explanation (pdf - 37k)
download audioHear more question tags (mp3 - 500kb). Try repeating the questions after you hear them.

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Now it's your turn to practise using tag questions. Go to our first quiz page here.

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Next, we're looking at the pronunciation of question tags.

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