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Video English 12
Video English 12
The Teacher with coffee beans
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with beans.

1. To be full of beans
2. I haven't got a bean
3. Spill the beans

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Tell me about a time you've been full of beans. Or perhaps you've had to spill the beans and let a secret out. Write a paragraph here using one or more of the bean idioms and I'll put my favourites on the page.

Thank you for sending in your comments. This topic is now closed.

Cong Phi
recently, i have spilt the beans, then i did not know what will have happened with me due to the stressed atmosphere around my office, the privileged and confidential information has been reminded by our boss and also my staff, they all were thinking about the dismiss from the company organization but fortunately nothing happing and finally i haven't got a bean, 5 days later i would be full of beams with lots of challenges

Carina, Uruguay
Oh dear I haven't got a bean! Ask your father please! Every weekend my son gets up full of beans and wake me up!

Usque, Brazil
Well deserved Award for the innovative way of teaching.Can we have some more?

Hana, Korea
I'm full of beans whenever i hang out with my mates. but at work, well, tons of work sometimes make me a bit down.

Lan, Viet Nam
Every morning, when I wake up, I am full of beans. I think, I can do every thing without being tired. But now, I can not get another my English couses in a language centre any more because Ihave not got a Beans.

Nebras, Syria
Ok teacher, I'm going to spill the bean; I haven't got a bean, so would you please pay for the coffee this time and I'll settle up with you tomorrow!

I say thank you very much to you Sir. Now I get new three idioms that so far I have never seen it. I think that say "spill the beans!" is a good way to inform anything secretly."I haven't got a bean" due to pay house maintenance. I am full of energy due to I just take lunch.

Lovell, China
When I take part in the meeting, I feel I'm full of beans.You should be careful when someone spill the beans on you, because that's maybe just a rumor.If I want not to buy something for my wife, I will say "I haven't got abean.

Joong , Vietnam
Hello , everybody , I've learnt 3 idioms . Now I haven't got a bean but I'm full of beans .

Jorge, Mexico
Hello everyone! I´ve learned three new idioms aboout beans, Everyday I full of bean because is the best way og start a day. No matter I haven´t got a bean always try en get my bean in the breakfast and in the end of the afternoon

Lan Anh , Viet Nam
On every morning when i have got a bean , i often go to with my friends to the restaurant to be full of beans and have a good breakfast , it is very sad , if i have not got a bean ,i feel boring and not confident . i only talk to you , spill hte bean of mine plz . thanks.

Bea, Colombia
I am full of beans soon after I have drank a cup of Colombian Coffee. I want to spill the beans with all people about of it. Nonetheless here in Belgium the Colombian coffee is very expensive and when I am not working I haven't got a bean for buy it.

Ram, India
Hello every one,i learned three more idioms. i am full of beans. i am planning to give the treat,but i haven't got a bean.

Jason, China
Wow! It's a good choice to have some bean products for breakfast.What a coinsidence,I learned some idioms about beans which was wonderful lesson,and made me full of beans.Maybe you want to keep this as your sceret of study,but I'd like to spill the beans.No good to be selfish to the students who are crazy about English, and I tell you,I would like to help them more if I have beans.What do you think?

Najwa , Morocco
Hello everybody,I can't get my english courses in a language center anymore because i haven't got a bean!! Working all alone on improving my english needs some extra-energy but i use to be full of beans...And what encouraged me is that i'm progressing more and more. My friends noticed that my english had improved, so i spillet the bean : It's by dint of the TEACHER :)

Hi there!Really nice project and i`m very grateful for such an interesting opportunity and way of brushing up my English!Now answer on your questions- the only time i`m full of beans is when i`m playing the guitar and performing my new written songs- pop style(for people who appreciate good music which comes from the whole heart!) I don`t want to have a beans from selling it, but the only thing disturbing me is that in here in my country - not all can understand spirituality of the song! thank you teacher and congratulations!From now I am am permanent visitor! :)

Victoria, Colombia
What if I spill the beans with you now that I'm in the middle of my undergrade at university?, I want to work because I haven't got a bean, because I have a lot of beans to do my things on my own. Wish me luck

Ion, Colombia
A secret: I`m full of beans when I take a shower and eat fish, especially at night but, sometimes, I haven`t got any bean to buy fish. Please spill the beans.

Fulbio, Colombia
i`m not full of beans when i have to use the computers because i don`t like them, besides i haven`t got a bean becase they cost me a lot, on the other hand for my work i can`t spill the beans because my clients get angry.

Armando, Colombia
Today is a very special day, it's my brother's birthday. Although I haven't bought a present because I haven't got a bean, I'm full of beans because tonight I am going to share with my family.

Edna, Colombia
Hi teacher and everybody who are Chinese.I'm full of beans when I am in Chinese clases but sometimes I can't buy the Chinese books because I haven`t got a bean. i'm kidding. Just don't spill the beans, it's my secret.

Bibiana, Colombia
I am full of beans when I'm in any Rock concert... it make me feel so happy. But sometimes I haven't got a bean to go. Usually I spill the beans to my best friend although I don't have many secrets

Cristian, Colombia
G'day mates, I got to spill the beans and It's that I have not got a bean, fortunately I'm full of beans cause I'm learning a lot of idioms in this website. and i got to spill the beans again and it's that I love idiomatic expressions.

Diego Bravo, Colombia
I usually haven't got a bean, but when I can, I buy a new videogame and i'm full of beans because I'd like to play it inmediately and if i can find some secrets about that game, i spill the beans to my friends.

Nadia, France
i can spill the beans with you;i know how many beans make five, i need english courses but i haven't a bean to have private english lessons, so thank you, with you i'm full of beans front of my computer!! :-D

Debora, New York
Its a awfull time to spill the beans of my life, but I must do it...I haven't got a bean for the past four months because I cannot find a job, so I'm studying days and nights to improve my English to be able to find a job...sometimes I study full of beans.

Hi teacher and eveybody,this is the first time I learn english online,but I feel to be full of beans now because of having funny lessons.I never spill the beans with anyone because I have not any secret.But having a secret I couldn't spill the beans even I'll die if I don't do that is I have never got a bean.:):)

Lee, China
I am full of beans at night to learn english with this interesting course. But I can not spill beans to my girl friend because she do not want me stay up to night.

Zhaobaoying, China
I am a teacher and usually I haven`t got a bean.But I am full of beans when I am with my students.We all enjoy being with each other.Congratulationgs to the teacher for the award and keep up the intelligent work. Thanks a lot.

Olivia, China
Lucy was full of beans when her GP told her that she was preganant, but she dared not to spill the beans to her husband because they had not got a bean!

Carla, Peru
Although it's past midnight and I have to work tomorrow at 7 in the morning I'm full of beans because I love my job...I work in a school with primary level...and my children are lovely!!!....but I also work in the evenings otherwise i wouldn't have a bean to do one of my favourite hobbies.....go dancing!!!.....Teacher, I love your lessons!!!congratulations for the award!!!keep up the good work!!:)

Hoang Hai, Vietnam
I don't know what secrets you have to keep you so full of beans, teacher. May you spill the beans? Are your secrets costly? For I havent's got a bean right now :-)

Sergio, Venezuela
When I am full of beans, I need to spent a lot of money shopping at the mall, but I always haven't got a bean for that, but if I spill the beans to my friends, they will give me a bean of money AND I am ready to....

Tracy, China
I like these three idioms. This make me feel full of beans.

Rajaa, Morocco
Hello everyone,I'd to thank the teacher for his effort of teaching idioms. i think it's a fantastic way of teaching idioms, great job. you deserve your awards dear teacher.A big thanks to BBC learning English online.

When I drink too much coffee in the morning,I may full of the beans all day.

Bean, Vietnam
Hi everyone, I am a new one here. I feel very blue today because the weather in my place is not good for health. But another day I am full of beans to study English and chatting. I have not got a bean because I have just given my good position up, refuse a offer of a new job. I have never let spill the beans. Tks BBC, tks teacher

Min, Korea
When I was young, I used to spend money eating something with my frinds on my way home. One day I hadn't got a bean, becase of spending all my money buying cookies. So I had to walk to my home an hour from my school.

Agnes, Poland
I'm going to be full of beans tonight, couse I will go to the party :)

Mady, France
your way to teach english makes me full of beans.

Sezen, Turkey im not full of beans..i think i need some energy..

The teacher is great,I like it how he acts this out.I like idiomatic phrases,they are so funny sometimes,most of them are.My sister is the person I can spill the beans with.

Rakan, Saudi Arabia
To git a good life don't spell the bean to every one you meet.By the way i download all episodes i like this programme so please don't stop.

Abeer, Cairo
the first time i have gone to my university, i was full of beans, as i thought i will be a rich teacher there one day, but when i recognized that i havent got a bean, i wished that i had worked in any other place, please dont spill the beans, i'am an assistant in cairo university,,ssssssshhhhhh

Rebecca, China
It's funny,I like this kind of English class!I'm full of beans,too.

The Great, Thailand
BBC Learning English is very great. It's made me full of beans to learn English more and more... Thanks with smilling ^_^

Rose, South Korea
My mum is my best friend.I can even spill the beans to my mum.

Jane, China
Learning English online, makes me feel full of beans. Learning a language without a bean, it's great. Thanks BBC.

Madhusudana Reddy Vaka, India
It's Really Great. I learned 3 more idioms and I'm full of beans.

Arturo, Mexico
Well, actually, I am not full of beans mostly becuase I have to work ten hours at day and then, after work just I want to get home and rest for the rest of the day, but I really would like to have a lot of energy and do many things that I can't do right now.

HG Lee, Korea
I think that around us, there can be a whistle blower who spill the beans like an agent or spy especially who picks and delivers the picked important information to the other enemy during the 2nd world war. It is well known through history.

Amin, Iran
I really Like the way he teaches English Idioms so I demand u to put more episods on the site. Thanks

Hajra, Pakistan
Some people are really lively and full of beans.I dont know about myself,I won't spill the beans.

Pramod Dahal, Nepal, living in South Korea
My grand mother does all her works helself she doesn't like to be done by others .But my mum is too lazy and she hates to work in kitchen .My grandmother does washing , cleaning , ironing and walking the dog around ,really She is great still full of beans at 65

Lucy, Taiwan
If you want to keep your secret, please don't tell me even a word about it. I'll definitely spill the beans.

Nowadays I haven't got a bean because of not having a job.When i find a job i am sure i'll be full of beans.

Jose Luis, Spain
I got full of beans as soon as I saw your terrific performance...Good job fella!

Manuela, Italy
Unfortunately I haven't got a bean to go and study in England even though I m full of beans!!!

Mme B, France
Sometimes, I wake up full of beans, I don't know why. When I am in that mood, life seems to me so easy, I want to buy nearly everything I see, and I do it. And if a beggar ask me for a penny on my way home, I answer : I am so sorry I haven't got a bean ! I know it's bad. Don't spill the beans to my friends, they believe me to be a good person.

Johnny, China
I haven't got a bean to study overseas but i am still full of beans to do my individual things.i am a little introverted and seldom to spill the beans to my friends

Hoai, Vietnam
I was full of beans when I see you on the video! but I'm very sad because I haven't got a bean, I've just lost my wallet.

Huiling, China
I am going to be full of beans after a good rest without any dreams if I go to bed early no more than 10pm. I definitely keep my mouth shut if it is necessary not to spill the beans. I feel very happy when I take a volunteer action although I haven't got a bean.

Ana Paula, Brazil
I've been full of beans because the Sao Paulo International Films Festival has started. So many good films to see, and so little money to spend on it. Well, you can guess that by the end of the festival I haven't got a bean in my pocket, but I was happy because at least I could watch the films that I was eager to see. PS-Teacher I've seen recently your pictures at Buckingham Palace on Facebook. You look great! Congrats again!

Alfonso, Spain
Hi teacher:I am not full of beans to learn English but I want to learn English. I need to motivate myself.Do you have any advace?

Victoria, Mexico
The night before the release of the last book from the harry Potter series I was full of beans. I just couldn't wait till the moment I could get the book and find out if my theories about Harry and his friends. Unfortunately, many people in the web spilled the beans about the end of the book. That was terrible!

Pramod, Nepal
When I came in korea as an exchange programme student ,I became full of beans.koreans are kind helpful and hopitable and they want to be near at foreigners.once a time i was invited for dinner. Dishes are served heartly with insects ,flora and flona as well as clean water -boiled sup,I started to grab them keeping huge effort and when they asked It is really delicious .Isn't it?I replied immediately "oh !very delicious ,I like it.

I was full of beans before going to the supermarket for shopping. But, after being in the crowded shops for one hour, I got exhausted and to spill the beans to you, I haven't had a bean left in my purse.

Fakhar Portana, Afghanistan
It was my school age.I was full of beans but resricted by mother.But thank God,my father took me,we mounted up to the beans hills where I might not spilt the beans.My mother used to keep me as her closed friend provide me everything but let me to school not having a bean in my pocket. Now I realise how genius was mother who loved me such to gave me every thing of her own kept me healthy.

Ajeet, India
I was full of beans before perposing to her.And I could't give her a golden ring because I didn't have a bean.I could't spill the bean that how much I love her due to some nervousness with her.

Vidyasekaran, India
My Life is full of ups and downs. when i feel financially safe I seem to be full of beans. On the other hand i feel very much depressed if i haven't got a bean.

Azadeh, India
now that I have learnt something new I am full of beans, although I am a student and I havent't got a bean.

Katarina, Ukraine
I have been looking for a wedding ring for my boyfriend nearly for a month and I was really full of beans being busy with this not easy work. Two days ago I showed the ring to my granny and asked her not to spill the beans about it. Today I came to a jewelry to buy that beautiful ring and found that I hadn't got a bean. The only person who could help me was my old but the best granny in all the world. And she did it!

Miss B, Tunisia
I want to spill the beans: whenever I am full of beans, I want to go shopping.Consequently, I won't have a bean even to drink a coffee!!

Alimzhan, Kazakhstan
Actually,when I was at the 'Harrods' in London, I didn't have a bean to buy anything.

HungHung, Taiwan
Today , I go to the book store,I see abook ,I like .But I have not got a bean to buy ,so I just stay at the book store to read that book.

Mai, Egypt
I always looking to take courses in english to enhance my english, but I never have a bean.

Eric, Taiwan
Although I haven't got a bean, I am still full of beans in my work.

Manjula, India.
My friend is full of beans, she won the competition very easily. But, she dint spill the beans to anyone.I had been to a supermarket. When i opened my purse i realized that i dint even had a single bean.

Antionette, Namibia
My granny just loves beans! If she could have beans with every meal, she'd be verv happy. Yesterday my twin brothers came running into the house full of beans because they just discovered peanuts! It's the beans my mother and I planted! I don't know how to spill the beans to my mom because I was suppoes to baby sit my twin brother. I don't even have a bean to buy more beans to plant before she finds out. What am I gonna do!

C. Rahman, Somalia
When i saw my math teaher at high scool i was so full of beans so couldn't answer his hard questions.

Ferit Yazgan, Turkey
it is really amazing. I loved the teacher! :=)

Carolina, Spain
I look rather young and cool, although I'm 40, and my friends always ask me to spill the beans, but I prefer to keep the secret. Anyway, I confess you that the secret is to be full of beans even when yo haven't got a bean.

Rissgita, Indonesia
I start working at 7 a.m . During the day ,I'm full of beans to accomplished my job promptly.My wife told me that she hadn't got a bean for I spilled the bean to my friend to lend me some money

Rossella, Italy
John spent three hours speaking with his mother: she tried to spill the beans because she didn't understand why he hadn't got a bean after a week he got his salary. But he didn't want to tell her he was full of bean because he fell in love with a beautiful reach woman.

Hyun, South Korea
Paula! Watch your language. The teacher may not feel so good about your comment. I'm looking for a job recently. It's not easy, but I'm trying to be always full of beans.

It's funny and interesting at the same time. you know some thing i haven't got a bean , but i am happy lol

Dawid, Poland
Yeah, being full of the beans, I know that. Every time I think up some new hobby or occupation I am full of beans but as it turns out later it's only a flash in a pan;as to money, I haven't got a bean very often, especially after a disco :P

M.Tayyab Khan, Pakistan
Thanks Teacher! you made me full of beans as you tought these idiom with an interesting method although i havent got bean to send you upon it and I will spill the beans regarding your lesson.i think you don't mind upon it.thanks again.

Daisy, Vietnam
My friend and I came to Vung Tau beach to recover from a hard working week. We had a very exciting trip but we haven't got a bean when we went back to the City. Anyway,We're now full of bean for a new weeks.Nice week everybody.

Widya, Malaysia
-When we have much money in hand, we are full of beans, but we get headache when we get no beans. -He won the contest because someone had spilled the bean about the tricks.

Oriana, Italy
Every time I go out I'm looking for the cheaper food to eat,the cheaper dress to wear ,the cheaper place to go to dance to...I always think to myself I haven't got a bean!!!The only thing that can make me laugh and smile,when I stay at home in the week-end, is spilling the beans about what happened to my little sister,who is very funny at any rates.Then,when she discovers that I told something funny about her to the other members of my family, she has a sudden rush of anger towards me...Luckily she's an 8-year-old girl,and she can't hurt me that much,anyway I have to admit she's really full of beans when she beats me!!!

Nadda Chitchulanon, Thailand
I have been taking a nap for three hours today,I'm full of beans! I can work in the garage for the rest of the day.

Fatima, Iran
At last "the teacher" spill the bean and told me the secret of his success:when you haven't got a bean ,no problem be full of bean!

Frugh Lian, Afghanistan
I was full of beans I was spending lots of money on every thing but still i was full of beans ,my freind asked me how I could be such a rich person and I didnt wanted to spill the beans so I didnt answer to say the thruth I my self didnt know how I got so much money.

Anna Pham, Vietnam
I am a student so I haven't got a bean. However, I am full of beans to study. Spill the beans that "practice makes perfect"

Rossella, Italy
At the begin of September I was full of beans because I would have started my course of creative writing. Nobody knows about that, but I was so happy that my friend tried to spill the beans to understand why I was so.I didn’t want to tell the true until the course started.At the first lesson, the teacher told us that there was a mistake; we had to pay the course immediately. It was a problem because I wouldn’t have got a bean until the end of the month.

El Mu, Russia
Young, full of beans sparrows flutter around the market and pick up crumbs from the floor. They see a well-groomed, chubby parrot sitting on the embroidered Persian cushion in the golden cage, pleased with himself. “Parrot, parrot, spill the beans, how did you come to be so fortunate?”“It’s as simple as that”, parrot replies, sticking his head out through the bars and cry:“I haven’t got a bean, I haven’t got a bean”.

Shingo, Japan
I'm in the soccer club of univesity, and when game begining I'm usually full of beans.

Setareh, Iran
Hi teacher! I know I probably shouldn't be telling you this because you're a teacher after all but I cannot help spilling the beans!! I'm full of beans when I hear an exam has been cancelled! By the way congratulations for winning this award!

Dear Teacher,You are really full of beans after drinking all that coffee. Don,t you think it is high time you spill the beans?

South Korea, Max
I always take a cup of coffee after lunch .That makes me feel so good.BEANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Sarah, UAE
I'm the qween of beans! I have a job, i clean, I cook and drive my children to school.That's why my friends envy me and say ,"You are full of beans".But I'm a big mouth, so they keep asking me not to spill the beans to avoid problems.Although I'm a very hard-working woman,I have been out of beans several times in my life.

Faratin, Iran
Dear teacher I just want to let me spill the beans.I am 78 years old&I didn`t feel any diffrence with the period when I was youg & full of beans & haven`t got a bean in my purse because at that time I couldn`t jump over the wall the same as now.with best wishes

Nadia, Pakistan.
I have an inner urge for learning and feel full of beans when learning english.I also like going out on weekends but as a student i haven't got a bean.oh! i split the beans.

Chiu, Hong Kong
I spill the beans out to you,I am full of beas to learn idioms from the teacher here, because it is funny and easy to remember. And I haven't got a bean to pay an outside of the class plus it is not good as well as you do. Thank You anyway!

Vincenzo, Egypt
when i played football i was considered to be full of beans, because of my willingness in running. I played it some years, but after all, i haven't got a bean, since i became professional.

Num, Thai
I'll be full of beans whenever I do something that I like it.

David Hernandez, Colombia
I am very often full of beans for example when i wake up in the morning i am full of beans but at night i am always so tired.

Carlos, Chile
Thanks for your dedication teacher.The method you are using is really motivating. I think you could get full of beans if you work as a clown too!!

Niema, Libya
I had long day at university today ,I was full of beans at the start of the day ,at 1pm I decided to buy some thing to eat because i was hungry but i found that I have not got bean!!! I forgot my money at home

Maria, Belarus
Sometimes it is very difficult to be a teacher. You must be full of beans during the lesson to keep pupil's attention and generate interest in he subject.You also haven't spill their beans becase you are friends and they trust you.It is a pity but teahers very often haven't got a bean for new materials and handouts.

Diego, Venezuela
When I have flown with my glider, That puts me full of beans becuase of the high adrenaline that is awoken. In our L.A countries is so commom to see hoe people have not got a bean at the end of the month.... that is sth common in developed countries too?

Farhana, India
I was full of beans when I had to go for the latest movie, but let me spill the bean out as the movie was horrible and i felt bored and the thing that had upset me that I didn't have a bean left after spending the entire sum for the stupid film.

Alex Wang, Canada
Let me spill the beans.When I've got great hope, I'd feel full of beans. Well, that's the case with most people, I guess. :-)

Guzel, Russia
Usually, in the morning I drink a cup of coffee to be full of beans. It is good tradition for me and my colleague. He likes to have coffee too. Yesterday morning after the cup of coffee he spill me the beans.I am pleasant that he trusts me.

Paula and Sandra ,Saturno
The teacher is crazy but the theme is very good and interesting.We haven´t got a bean, becouse we spent our money on a computer.

Mina, South Korea
On Saturdays, I ride a bike along the river near my home. During cycling, I'm full of beans and feeling refreshed. I love cycling.

Roberto, Peru
i remember when i was about to play in a football match... I was full of beans... but i had a friend on the other team... while talking i spilt the beans and told him our secrect positions :P

Wong, Singapore
I always full of beans when I'm learning but let's spill the beans, I haven't got a bean to pay for all the courses!

Lavrentieva Yuliya, Russia
Hello Dear Teacher! We (my husband and I) wanted to buy some things, such as fruit, vegetables, bread etc. We put our purchases into the lug-box and directed our steps to the cashdesk. My husband fished out his wallet and... And we found out that we haven`t got a bean - we left money at home. But we were not upset. We were full of beans and run back home as quickly as possible.

Dai, Japan
Development of the internet gives an opportunity to be full of beans by reading blogs or communicating with friends for many people,even a man who haven't got a bean.But at the same time using the internet has the risks of spilling the beans of personal information.

Assia, Algeria
Before going to a night party,I always drink lots of tea to be full of beans,so that help me to dance and acting naughty during all the night ,but I have to buy a present ,not an expensive one just a simple one because I'm afraid to be break and have no bean at all.Oh ,I forgot to tell you that all my friends love me and trust me ,when they have troubles or the want to spill theirs secrets,they just come to my home.

Ama, Egypt
My friends think that I always seem to be full of beans. I'm usually hyper-active. I love to talk a lot and as a teacher, I'm always energetic in class. I remember a time when I was talking with a complete stranger at the park then I spilled the beans and told him about getting into the place without a ticket. Just ten minutes later, I found myself caught by the park guards! Personally, I think that being full of beans usually leads to spilling the beans. I mean when you're extra active and talking a lot, you cannot really control the things you're saying or the secrets you're telling. Or what do you think? ;-)

Belkis, USA
when I was young i was full of beens and at the same time haven't got a been.Why? Full of energy because of the youthfull and haven' got a been because I was an student, didn't have a salary and usually no money to spend.

HJ Lee, Korea
At a time I feel a little sleepy after lunch, I always drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine in coffee helps to make me full of beans. I am a member of Task force team in the company which is carrying some important projects. I must not spill the beans to any other persons for a time being. I wanted to call my girl friend to eat out this evening, but I didn't know that I haven't got a bean enough to do so.

SuMei , Taiwan
The last thing that my oldest son likes to do is sleep.He,who studies in primary one,arrives home at 7:00PM and practices badminton for two hours after dinner every day.He is really full of beans.The worst of all,he can't fall asleep until 1:00AM. However, what my 17-year-old daughter asks me every day is what is for dinner and what is for dinner.Let's eat Japanese food or French food. Sorry,I haven't got a bean. That's always my answer.

Hi`Every time that i have a look at my lovely fiancee`i feel that i am full of beans.And a lot of times,when i had a dream abuot her invincible eyes,surely,I`ll be late for my work .But this time,especially that morning by bus ,I haven`t got a bean becouse of her i forgot my wallet on the bed.

Gema, Spain
Lately, I'm very sleepy at the morning, and that is because I can't sleep more than seven hours. When I sleep about ten hours, I wake up full of beans.

Mahmoud, Iran
i am always full of beans for learning English although i have not got a bean for learning English,it is not important to be successful in learning.

ThanhTran, Vietnam
Hello teacher, long time no see! And you look more handsome than ever. Spill the beans, teacher! Frankly, I'm not so handsome as you. But incredibly I am full of beans when she touches me, and at that time I really think I haven't got a bean then!

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