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The full Monty!
Keep your English Up to Date - Full Monty actor Robert Carlyle
Actor Robert Carlyle, star of the film The Full Monty

The Full Monty!


Listen to Professor Crystal

Now that's a catchphrase from a film – a film title this time. I mean, people often don't take film titles and make them catchphrases. M-o-n-t-y, a name -capital 'M'. Now it had existed before as a phrase – but this was a new film, in 1997, a British film about a group of unemployed men, who take their clothes off to earn some money.

Now in fact the origin of the word is back in the 1980s, it's rather obscure word actually – nobody quite knows where it comes from. It might have come from a firm of clothing manufacturers, famous men's tailors called 'Montague Burton', a complete suit of clothing in the 1970s, 80s, you'd say, we're "wearing the full Monty" – and of course, one's talking about the lack of clothing since the film came along.

So in another words, the modern meaning of the phrase is "everything which you need" or "…is appropriate". If you're packing a suitcase you might say "I've got the full Monty now"; or you're packing a car, "I've got the full Monty"; and when this programme is over, you'll have had "the full Monty" too ….at least about this expression, anyway!


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