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People and Places


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- Pen Hadow


- Hany El Hamzawy


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Pen Hadow
Pen Hadow
Imagine that you were about to start living on a desert island. What object would you take to help you in your new life? In today's People and Places, we meet explorer Pen Hadow and find out why he would take a six-inch nail...


Vocabulary from the programme

to survive
to carry on living through a dangerous situation

an inch
a unit of measurement equal to 2.54 cm

to crush
to press or squeeze something very hard, damaging it e.g.

'She's been in a wheelchair since her leg was crushed in an accident'
'Don't put the heavy stuff on top of the fruit - you'll crush it!'

'the key to something'
best way of doing something or understanding something, e.g.

'The key to snooker is concentration' or 'The key to snooker is to concentrate'
'The key to his fiction is his correspondence'

sharp metal objects which go on the end of arrows - a type of weapon

a crash
a sudden loud noise, for example if something breaks or falls to the ground

'Suddenly there was a huge crash in the room next door'

to grind
to rub two things together, sometimes with something in between

'I parked so close to the kerb that the car door ground against the pavement'
'I grind coffee myself'

to rend
to tear something in two (formal)

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