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- Cooking for all!


- Pen Hadow


- Hany El Hamzawy


- Speak like a native


- Hopes and highlights

Sausages cooking
Cooking for all!

Food and eating habits are a big issue in Britain at the moment - everyone seems to be worrying that the nation is getting too fat and people don't know how to feed themselves properly. The latest plan is to make all teenagers do cooking classes. Find out more as you practise your listening comprehension skills!


Vocabulary from the programme

something you have to do, you have no choice about it
E.g: English lessons are compulsory in many schools

a shortage of skills
not enough people can do it (in this case, teach cooking)
E.g: This firm will never succeed because there's a shortage of skills!

very fat

a recipe
a set of instructions for preparing food

to have something under control
to be comfortable with it and able to do it or manage it
E.g: I think he's got the situation under control.

a crisis
a situation where there are a lot of problems that need to be dealt with quickly so things don't get worse
E.g: The country is facing an economic crisis.

a life skill
something you can do which will be useful and important throughout your life, such as driving, or doing well in job interviews
E.g: Cooking is an important life skill.

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