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People and Places


- Cooking for all!


- Pen Hadow


- Hany El Hamzawy


- Speak like a native


- Hopes and highlights

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These are the four features we published for you in January:

Cooking for all
Food and eating habits are a big issue in Britain as more and more people are becoming obese. Now the government wants all teenagers do cooking classes! Is this really a good idea?

Pen Hadow
Imagine that you were about to start living on a desert island. What object would you take to help you in your new life? We meet explorer Pen Hadow and find out why he would take a six-inch nail.

Hany El Hamzawy
We meet Hany Adel Ibrahim El Hamzawy, a talented young musician who plays for us and talks about his life.

Speak like a native
Penny Dyer has worked with many famous actors such as Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren. Now is your chance to hear her tips for speaking English in an accent that may be new for you!

Hopes and highlights
Has anything exciting happened to you over the last year? What were the highlights? What about the year to come - what are your hopes for 2008? We hear about the hopes and highlights of some of the Learning English team.
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