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- Albert Little


Albert Little
Albert Little in Jeffrey Town, St. Mary
Albert Little is an American who's given up two years of his life to serve in the US Peace Corps. He's an IT expert and is now does voluntary work with local people across Jamaica. This includes rural areas like Jeffrey Town, St Mary where he's based - a place where the electricity supply and internet connection often fail!

So, how did Albert end up in Jamaica and what is he hoping to achieve there?

Before you listen to the programme, here are a few comprehension questions for you - you'll hear the answers during the programme:

1: What two reasons does Albert give for joining the Peace Corps?
2: Why didn't Albert go to Africa or South America?
3: What's the American English word for 'flat' that Albert uses?
4: Which language is Albert learning?

You can download an mp3 version of the programme, a script and try the comprehension quiz at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

an agricultural, farm, countryside area

visitors, travellers to other countries and areas

traditions, customs, the way of life, the arts and religion are some of the things that make up the culture of a place or country

people who work without pay, often for a charity or to gain work or life experiences

abbreviation for 'information technology' - usually relating to computers, the internet etc.

the amount of time that's available to complete a task

to move out of
to leave and remove your belongings from a place where you've been living or working

social norms
the way things are usually done and the way most people behave in a certain place

the chat
the informal way in which people from an area or social group speak to each other

if you are able to manage and continue working or surviving without help from other people or organisations, then you are self-sustainable

to keep pace with the rest of the world
to be at same level of knowledge and be able to use the technology that's availalbe as well as other people do in other parts of the world


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Try the comprehension questions

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