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Sunset in Bahrain
One of Hina's fondest memories of Bahrain

This episode's guest was born in London, but has lived in several different countries across the world. We find out how Hina sees herself, in terms of nationality and why. Hina explains why she believes the country she identifies with deserves a visit and she treats us to a story from her childhood - which has a surprising source.

Before you listen to the programme, here are a few comprehension questions for you - you'll hear the answers during the programme:

1: Where is Bahrain?
2: What have people told Hina to explain why they don't see Bahrain as a place to go on holiday?
3: What was opposite Hina's primary school?
4: Why did Hina think it was safe to go back to school on that fateful day?

You can download an mp3 version of the programme, a script and try the comprehension quiz at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

highly priced, costing a lot of money

a collection of
a group or set of (here, small islands)

uninteresting, dull, unexciting, not stimulating or fascinating

people who come from or live in Bahrain

gas masks
covers for the face which protect people from the dangerous effects of poisonous gases

air raid sirens
loud, and often high-pitched alerts or signal to warn people of possible dangerous attacks from the air, e.g. bombs being dropped from the sky by planes


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Try the comprehension questions

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