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People and Places


- Kate Moss


- The Final Frontier


- Hina


- Mahamat Adamou

Space, the final frontier

May 2007


In May, we brought you the following features, meeting some interesting people from interesting places:

Mahamat Ahmed Adamou

Mahamat Ahmed Adamou has been away from Chad for fourteen years now - a country that's mainly heard about in the news because of all its difficulties. Mahamat gives us another view of his country and explains why he left his home and what his plans are for the future.


This episode's guest was born in London, but has lived in several different countries across the world. We find out how she sees herself in terms of nationality and why - and why we should visit her country. Plus, we're treated to a story from Hina's childhood - which has a surprising source.

The Final Frontier

Actor James Doohan played the Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the television series Star Trek. He died in 2005 but recently, his remains made a short visit to space. In this programme, we find out a little bit more about the Post Cremation Memorial Space Flight Service which sends the ashes of the dead into space - the final frontier!

Kate Moss

One of the things that the British are known for is our ability to queue! Recently there have been a number of queuing events which have made the news. One was the release of a new bag by a well known designer and at the beginning of May thousands queued for the midnight opening of the high street clothes retailer Topshop as they launched a new line of clothing designed by the British model Kate Moss.

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