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People and Places


- Alexandra Kloss


- Yuko Haruna


- The Brummie accent


- Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

The Birmingham skyline
Today we learn about what some have called Britain's 'most annoying accent'. Surveys show that many people in Britain dislike the way people from Birmingham speak. But we hear from some people in Birmingham who are fed up with this criticism and want to defend their accent.

As you listen, try to answer these questions:

1: Why is Carl's 'Brummie' accent important to him?
2: What does Carl say are some of the nice things about the accent?


Vocabulary from the programme

a Brummie
someone from Birmingham

it's part of his identity
it's part of what makes him who he is

it's endearing
it's nice and pleasant

related to people who have a fairly high social status

the lower classes
people how have a lower social status and usually don't have much money

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