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- Yuko Haruna


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Yuko Haruna

Yuko Haruna

Yuko Haruna is committed to reducing the number of people who die in car accidents. She tells us why she became involved in road safety campaigning and what her hopes for the future are.

You can find out more about the language of this week's programme, below.


Vocabulary from the programme

road safety association
an organisation that campaigns to reduce the number of car accidents

to pass away
to die

NOTE: We use this phrase to avoid using 'die' - which sometimes feels like a painful word. So we are more likely to use 'pass away' in the company of people who are grieving.
e.g. 'I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your husband passing away'

'It changed my life'
We might say this about an event which affected the rest of our lives
e.g. 'When I was eighteen, I watched Citizen Kane. It changed my life'

to lose someone
to have a family member or friend who dies
e.g. 'She was only thirty when she lost her husband'

NOTE: If you want to say how someone died, you can use this word with to.
e.g. 'She lost her husband to the war'

the sadness that people have after someone they love dies
e.g. She was overcome with grief

to grieve
a verb form of 'grief'

NOTE: We can use this verb with for and over
e.g. He's grieving for his sister, who passed away last year
They're still grieving over the death of their son


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