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Emma Sparre-Slater

Emma Sparre-Slater, Funeral Director

Emma Sparre-Slater has a very interesting and different job. She's a funeral director, and arranges and runs the funerals of those who have died. It might be a burial or a cremation, depending on the preference of the person who has passed away and their family.

You can find out more about the language of this week's programme, below.


Vocabulary from the programme

to put it down to something
a way of explaining something
e.g. When she hadn't had an email from him, she put it down to the fact that he was very busy

a type of work or way of life that you believe is especially suitable for you - a calling
e.g. Nursing is not just a job - it's a vocation

a long vehicle used for carrying a coffin at a funeral

a mark of respect
polite behaviour showing care for somebody or something that you think is important
e.g. A two minute silence was held as a mark of respect

master of ceremonies
a person who introduces guests at a formal occasion

to go according to plan
when things happen as they should
e.g. The bride was extremely happy that her wedding all went according to plan


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