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- Hypnotist


- Pet Sitter


- Raven Master


- The Funeral Director

Tower of London raven

Derrick Coyle, Raven Master

Derrick Coyle has a rather unusual job. He is a raven master at the Tower of London which means he's dedicated to looking after the Tower's unique feature - ravens.

You can find out more about the language of this week's programme, below.


Vocabulary from the programme

a ceremony at which a crown is formally placed on the head of a new king or queen


NOTE: In this case someone was complaining 'bitterly' which means they were complaining a lot

The act of allowing somebody to do something

NOTE: You give someone permission

a system of government by a king or a queen

large and with plenty of room to move about

feeling angry or unhappy because you wish you had something that somebody else has

a group of people who travel with an important person, like a prime minister or pop star


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