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- The Funeral Director

Paul McKenna, hypnotist

In July we published four features about people who have rather unusual jobs:

Emma Sparre-Slater, funeral director
Emma Sparre-Slater has a very interesting and different job. Emma is a funeral director and this means she runs or directs funerals. She arranges the burial or cremation of people in the Christian faith. So how did she come to do this job?

Derrick Coyle, raven master
Derrick Coyle is a yeoman warder or 'beefeater' at the Tower of London. He's also a raven master which means he's dedicated to looking after the Tower's unique feature - ravens. His job is to feed them and clip their wings so that they don't fly away. Because if they did, it would be a terrible omen or sign.

Catherine Brown, pet sitter
Catherine Brown runs a business called 'Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats' which is a dog walking and pet care business. In other words, she is a pet sitter and believes you have to be an animal lover to be good at this kind of job.

Paul McKenna, hypnotist
Paul McKenna is a hypnotist. In fact, he's one of Britain's best known hypnotists. He mesmerises people into doing extraordinary things and he's used his hypnotic powers to help people stop smoking, lose weight and even overcome their phobias.

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