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A marrow

In this edition of People and Places we hear about a new film, called Grow Your Own, that takes us to a very English place - an allotment. An allotment is a small plot of land rented to someone for growing vegetables or flowers.

Film critic Larushka Ivan-Zadeh describes the film - so we hear plenty of descriptive language - as well as a lot of word play using the language of gardening!

And you can find out more about the language of this week's programme below.


Vocabulary from the programme

word play
when you joke about the meanings of words


this is a very common way of emphasising that you agree with someone

if something is home-grown, you grew it yourself in your garden or allotment

if something makes you cringe, it makes you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable

wishy washy
without strength or colour

a marrow
a large, long green vegetable


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A guide to growing British vegetables
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