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People and Places


- Sun Hai Nin


- Grow Your Own


- Hoglands


- Iceland calling


- Taking art to the streets of London

Sun Hai Nin and a Guard in a London

In this edition of People and Places we accompany Sun Hai Nin on a sightseeing trip around London. Hai Nin recently won a competition in China to do a two-week study trip in the UK. What will she make of the famous British sights ... and the cuisine?

This programme is suitable for elementary and pre-intermediate learners.

Remember you can find out more about some of the language from this week's programme below.


Vocabulary from the programme

This word appeared in this programme with two different meanings.

1. a place that is interesting and perhaps popular with tourists
e.g. When I was in London I saw all the sights.

2. something that you can see
e.g. It was a magnificent sight!

very impressive or beautiful
e.g. St Pancras Station is a really magnificent building.

The Changing of the Guard
The process of changing which soldiers stand outside a palace or monument. In London, the Changing of the Guard is a very impressive display, enjoyed by many tourists.

a marching band
A music band (usually playing brass instruments) that plays as it moves along. Some army regiments have marching bands.

Small, warm and comfortable

e.g. She lives in a cosy little cottage in Dorset.
My car is small, but it's cosy.


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See photographs of Hai Nin in London (with some Chinese text)
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