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- The Lipstick Blondes


- Alexis Kekeh


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- Uma Gunasilan

Alexis Kekeh from Togo
Alexis Kekeh now, and with his university team in 1988

Have you ever been offered the chance to do something amazing, but you've decided not to do it? In today's programme we meet Alexis Kekeh, who tells us about a time he turned down an incredible opportunity - and why he has no regrets now.

Remember you can find out more about some of the language from this week's programme below.


Vocabulary from the programme

someone who helps people who have suffered muscle injury

A physiotherapist practises physiotherapy

to concentrate on something
to focus on something, to put your energy towards it

In my final year at university, I concentrated on my studies
During the speech, he concentrated on US foreign policy

to fall back on something
here, to make use of something when your original plans don't work out

For a long time I couldn't get a job in publishing so I had to fall back on my languages, working as a tour guide in London

to mark someone / something
to have an effect on someone / something

When I was twelve I saw a car crash and it really marked me
When I was twelve I saw a car crash and it left its mark on me


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