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Pride and Prejudice - BBC TV adaptation
Dancing in Jane Austen's novel 'Pride and Prejudice'

We visit a small, historic house in the south of England - once the home of the great English novelist, Jane Austen.

Our guide is Louise West, the education officer at Chawton cottage. She describes the table where Jane Austen wrote some of her famous novels. Louise also explains what handwriting experts think Jane Austen's handwriting reveals about her personality!


Vocabulary from the programme

a small house in the country

is reputed to be
is generally believed to be

a wow factor
If something has a 'wow factor', it has the qualities to impress and amaze you.


'her meticulous hand'
Her very neat, precise handwriting.

'gossipy stuff'
Informal for 'gossip' - talk about other people's private lives.

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