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People and Places


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- Chinese warriors in London

Two terracotta warriors and in formation in Xi'an, China
Terracotta warriors were built to protect the First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi's tomb

In this edition of People and Places, the director of the British Museum, Neil Macgregor, introduces us to some extraordinary - and incredibly old and valuable - people who have just arrived in London from China for the first time.

That's right - figures from the famous Chinese Terracotta Army in Xian are getting their first glimpse of London!

And you can find out more about the language of this week's programme, below.


Vocabulary from the programme


reddish-brown pottery clay

a tomb
a grave, a burial chamber or cave

'to look someone in the eye'
to connect with someone, to make a real attempt to get to know them or to understand them

the study of ancient cultures through the examination of their material remains

a cylinder
a shape with straight sides and circular ends

a dome
a grand building with a high, curved roof

and we heard several ways of describing the statues
figures, works of art, works of sculpture, objects


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