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People and Places


- Tractor Lady


- High Jumper


- Girl Geek Dinners


- Meeting penguins


- Chinese warriors in London

Tractor Lady
In October we published these five features:

Tractor Lady
Dutch actor, Manon Ossevoort decided she wanted a bit of an adventure. So she set out on a journey from Europe to the South Pole... on a tractor! She's been travelling for two years through many countries and had all sorts of interesting experiences along the way. We hear about her journey so far.

High Jumper
Donald Thomas has somehow ended up as the new world high jump champion, despite the fact he was never really interested the sport and hardly ever trains. He thinks his relaxed approach is the key to his success. He tells us his story.

Girl Geek Dinners
We go to a London bar with a group of people who are all passionate about technology. They're 'techies'! The meeting is organised by Girl Geek Dinners and we meet the founder of the group, Sarah Blow. She defines the term 'geek' and talks about when she became one.

Meeting penguins
We meet Meredith Hooper, who's been to Antarctica to get to know the penguins!

Chinese warriors in London
The director of the British Museum, Neil Macgregor, introduces us to some extraordinary - and incredibly old and valuable - people who have just arrived in London from China for the first time.

That's right - figures from the famous Chinese Terracotta Army in Xian are getting their first glimpse of London!
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