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People and Places


- Students at Fort Hare


- Women and football


- Kilimanjaro


- David Coulthard

Women and football

Women and football - do the two really go together? Major football competitions for women, such as the World Cup, often go barely noticed, whereas the whole world seems to stop when the men's matches are on. We hear from someone who's trying to change that.


Vocabulary from the programme

a campaign
a planned series of activities to achieve a particular aim

to spread the word
to make more people aware of something

you've come a long way
you've made a lot of progress

to target someone
to direct something (in this case, a campaign) towards someone


it got lots of media coverage
it was shown and talked about a lot in the media

to judge on merit
to make decisions based on whether or not something is good or interesting

a juggling act
to do lots of different things at once

a role model
someone whose attitudes and behaviour people might copy because they admire them

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