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- Talking about Christmas


- Saris


- Tango


- Barrington Irving Junior

Around the Christmas table

In December we published these four features for you:

Barrington Irving Junior
We are meeting a Jamaican pilot who has recently become the youngest ever man to fly solo around the globe.

We meet Christine Denniston who's been to Argentina to learn about one of the world's most passionate dances - the Tango. So find a partner and get your dancing shoes on because Christine gives us a Tango lesson!

In this editon, we find out what women in India think about the modernisation of their traditional dress - the sari.

Talking about Christmas
We've been out of the office to talk to people about their feelings at Christmas time. We've also been asking people to describe their ideal Christmas. So there's a lot of talk in this programme about happiness, togetherness, as well as snow and food ...

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