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Think about a situation in your life when you were part of a group – at school, with friends, at work or in a club or other organization. Use between and among to tell us about some of your experiences.

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Hebin, Korea
I thought I knew the difference between BETWEEN and AMONG well, but I was a little bit confused when I was taking the quiz below. "Gina shared the cake BETWEEN herself, Sarah, Hebin, and Catherine." Is it right if I understand like this; when different individuals are identified respectively, we use BETWEEN even though there are four. still we can say 'she shared it AMONG 4 people'

Catherine says:
That's right Hebin: generally speaking, you can use 'between' for more than 2 things when they are identified indivdually. If you are talking about a group of things, where the individuals are not identified, 'among' is more common. So the sentence 'Gina shared the cake BETWEEN herself, Sarah, Hebin, and Catherine' is correct, and 'she shared it AMONG 4 people' is also correct!

Thanks for your comment, Hebin!

Nazar Mohammad, Afghanistan
When I was in the village the boy I really trust on him among all the boys was Ahmad, and we sheared everything between us.

Catherine says:
Hi Nazar Mohammad! One true friend is worth a thousand acquaintances!

Your comment is really short, Nazar Mohammed, but it demonstrates the correct use of 'between' and 'among' perfectly - well done!

In your first sentence, with the verb 'trust' you don't need to mention the object 'the boy'... 'him' twice. You can just say 'the boy I really trusted (not 'trust') among all the boys...'

And you need to check your spelling of shared (not sheared).

Thanks for your comment, Nazar Mohammad!

Le Vo Hue Quan, Viet nam
I'm learning in my university, and Nha is the best girl i have ever meet among my friend. Another girl is Ngan, she love me too, but between Nha and Ngan I choose Nha, because Nha is more beautyful, lovely, funny and she always by my side whenever i'm down. If i have a wish, i'll thank to the God that give her to my life. Thanks you.

Catherine says:
Hi Le Vo Hue Quan! You are very lucky to be so popular ;-)

You have used 'between' and 'among' very well too. Don't forget to use the plural form of 'friend' in your 'among' sentence:

Nha is the best girl i have ever met (not 'meet') among my friends (not 'friend').

I'd like to point out one or two other things to think about. Firstly, don't forget to check your subject-verb agreement: you should have written 'she loves me too' (not 'she love me too').

Remember also that the 'y' in 'beauty' changes to an 'i' in beautiful (not 'beautyful').

And there is a missing verb here: 'she always by my side' - you should have written 'she is always by my side'.

Lastly, don't forget that when we use 'I' to mean 'me' it is always capitalised.

Keep logging on to Grammar Challenge, Le Vo Hue Quan!!

Arfa, Pakistan
It was our farewell party and I was the one amongst my group who decided that we shall wear saris. We decided to compete on who, between me and Sara would have the best dress. When we arrived at the party hall, among the entire crowd we were the only ones wearing saris. Every one was staring at us. All my friends said that it was my idea and a quarrel arose between me and my friends. Among all the parties I have ever been to, this was truly the worst one.

Catherine says:
Oh dear, Arfa! I'm sorry things turned out so bady for you - I expect it seemed like a good idea at the time!!! But you have used 'between' and 'among' beautifully in your story.

There's only two comments I'd like to make about your piece, Arfa. The first is to say that the past of 'shall' is 'should'. So your first sentence should read: 'It was our farewell party and I was the one amongst my group who decided that we should (not 'shall') wear saris.

And the second thing I'd like to point out is that everyone is usually written as one word (not 'every one').

That's all from me, Arfa!

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