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Chuan from S.Korea: 'I used to hate English but now I like it'

Between and among
Do you know when to use between and when to use among? We challenge Chuan from South Korea to get it right by playing The Banana Game. But what is The Banana Game? Listen to find out!


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Between distinguishes two or more separate things and is followed by countable or uncountable, single or plural nouns. Among means 'one of many', and usually goes with plural nouns.

clause between noun(s) referring to individual things
He shared the money equally between Jake and Mary

clause among plural nouns
Her exam results put her among the top 10% of students in her group


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Now it's your turn to practise between and among. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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Next week, we'll look at another confusing pair or words: so and such...

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