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Some people still smoke (actually, I'm one of them!) - it's becoming less common since different bans came in in different countries, but it's still something that a lot of people do. Of course, these days in many countries you can't smoke inside office buildings, banks and post offices, so you'll often see smokers standing outside having a quick cigarette.

But did you know that we often meet our partners in the workplace? And what better place to break the ice with the partner of your dreams than outside on the pavement while you're both smoking? A short period in which to get to know each other and check your compatibility. In short, a place to flirt with potential partners. And that's where we get the verb 'to smirt' - a portmanteau (a blend) of the words 'smoke' and 'flirt' - a kind of social pastime for smokers. So next time you pass an office building in winter and you see the smokers outside, don't feel too sorry for them standing there in the cold - they're probably having a great time smirting with each other.


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