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Some of our audience
Some of our audience
Leave us a message on the BBC Learning English answerphone, and we will try to include your comments on our anniversary webpage. The number is +44 207 557 0473 (calls are charged at standard rates). Our favourite calls will win a BBC Learning English mp3 player! Don't forget to leave your name, and please spell it for us.

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What should you tell us?
How long have you been coming to In what ways have our resources helped you - if indeed they have? Has your English improved? What are your favourite parts of our site? What would you like to see more of?

Alternatively, you can leave your comments below...

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Connie, Hong Kong
From news to entertainment, does not only improve English, the language to the people, who attain to it; in fact, the site spreads and strengths the British culture. In addition, the link reveals the history and the current trend of the Language. The most impressed is the development of the "User Creat Contents" although it is still at a baby stage. But, I do hope different trades can post their problems icw English on the website so that the learners of the trade may access and contribute their own at the time of knowing more about the practice. I do think more interactions may help, not only language, but the people.

Riccardo, Italy
For nearly 3 years BBC Learning English has been my favourite English language teacher. On its web site I find everyday all I need not only to learn but especially to improve my langage skills. I am now working in Ireland doing a job that requires fluency in English. BBC Learning English, you are the best school to me.

Júlio Parreira, Brazil
I've been using for about a year, and it has been very useful to me. I can see that I am improving my english day by day, and it is never a boring thing, because you have always new staff, good articles, wonderful listenings and so. I do the queezes, I work out on the soap opera, I see the videos, etc. That's why BBC learning english has become my front page in internet: because it is my very first time to go when I am surfing! Thank you all! Júlio.

Mounir Aynloualid, Morocco
Hello everybody, It's a great pleasure to write to you and say happy birthday for the "BBC LEARNING ENGLISH". my name is Mounir, I'm a Moroccan. am 31. I've been using your website for almost a year. I very much appreciate it that I can't imaging a day passing without taking a look at it.I've made it my starting home page. I like most the watch and listen section. I've also downloaded all the audio available in mp3 format. My English has improved since I began visiting your website. As I'm a teacher for elementary and pre-intermediate students in a private school, so you're helping me doing well at work. Thank you very much.

Omar Rodríguez, Mexico
Well, the first time I knew Internet was on the autumn 1997 at the Metropolitan University. I was so amazed a year later when my teacher told me "You need to know what's going on the BBC Radio", and I said: "Let's try". It was a wonderful experience because with an easy method (using a Real Player pluggin) I could hear radio in a variety of languages I had never heard before, even in arab!!! Those are the things that make the world interesting... Nowadays I can improve my English everyday through the Learning English web site and its tools. Thank you for this excelent idea because some people as myself had no resources to pay an English course such as complete as this is. Happy Birthday and thank you once again!!!

Zhang Huijing, China
I am a freshman in the I just been here about three months. but I find it is very helpful for my englsih, expecial the Real english and Funnk engliah. All of the programs are making me feel close to english. indeed, they interest me in english. my favourite part is the Real englsih. its easy and funny. Anyway, I always seem my english level like the kids' level in UK. so I really like to read the reports from the CBBC news. I can learn some daily english from there, for more funny, I can understand what kinds of the life of the children around the world. from there, I can know all kinds of children education in different countrys indirectly. Some shock me, some cheer me. I like it very much. for the future, I hope can set a little-site for FAQ english problem, which we can e-mail some english learning problems that we meet in daily. on the other hand, I think language learning is dynamic activities, so conversation and communication are quite important.

Rachel, Brazil
Congratulations for the birthday! It is great to join in so a nice community I found out the BBC site for 2 years and it is very usefull. The Flat Mates are funny and the weekly emails remind me always on the time to navigate again.

i am glad to join this group ,it can improve my english ability and make more friends.i have more confidence in learn the last,if you have any problem you can share to me and i will do my best to help you.if you want to know my country.i will glad to introduce my country.i work in the factory to support my family.good luck to everyone.

Anthika (Quynh), Australia
I have been using BBC for more than 2 years since I by chance searched BBC for news. However, as all way long I follow BBC and find it useful for me and everyone who are interested in learning and improving English, I am now seriously taking BBC as my favourite site to not only read news but also to enhance my understanding of listening and some of grammar, idioms as well as lots of vocabulary. I do believe that my English is getting better and better in progress day by day. I hope I can enjoy more of music following with the useful expressions and idioms, and more of practical topics with necessary and helpful new words. Generally speaking, BBC provides me with both language and knowledge that I could not find at any sites else I am keen on studying English as much as I want to do so on BBC website. The more I learn from BBC, the more I take interest in and the better I improve. Accordingly, I hope more and more learners will find, discover and enjoy BBC as part of their good way to practise and improve English as a foreign language. So thanks for your programmes and congratulation for your 10th anniversary. :-)

Mahbub, Bangladesh
I have been using for almost a year time. I happened to visit London last year, and I still feel the air of London through this site. It keeps me in touch with the places I have visited. I like its weekender and weekly the flatmates most. It's become my favourite site in recent time. I have never loved English so much. My English has certainly improved a lot only because I took help from it. Congratulations! On completion of a decade. Let us drink to on this occasion.

João Paulo - Brazil
Hi. I've been coming to bbclearningenglish at first just to improve my skill, but now I found that there's more here that a simple web site, it is a place to find culture and information. A big hug for everyone.

Rajeev from New Delhi, India
While searching for some English improvement course some three months back, I accidentally, came across this gem of the English learning sites. From that day onwards I myself have found that the site is not only interesting but informative too. Some months back I could not write even a single line in English on my own but now the things have changed and my English has improved a lot. Congratulations for starting this website and for completing 10 years. Rajeev

Sammy, Hong Kong
I have been using this website to learn English for 3 months. In my opinion, the most useful part of this website is "Watch and Learn". It really help me to improve my learning skill. I find that mp3 downloading is available at some of the articles. I do hope that this downloading facility is available at every articles so that I can download the mp3 files and then listen them on the bus or train. Thanks.

Alessandro Grassi, Brazil
I haven`t been a user for quite a long time but I can assure you I`m a highly enthusiastic one! I use it for my own entertainment as well as to get some teaching ideas. Although I enjoy all the features available, my favorites are the news, where I can get to know what`s happening around the globe while increasing my lexical, and the teaching section, where I download lots of lesson plans to spice up my classes! I spend hours in front of the computer delighting myself with every single feature available. Thanks a bunch for the site and keep up with the good work. It`s surely greatly appreciated all around the globe.

Mirjana Hostettler, Switzerland
First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the ten years online and wish you all the best for the many more years to come. As I had already been a regular listener of the BBC English by Radio programmes for years, I was very happy to hear about the launching of the BBC Learning English online in 1996. Unfortunately, I had no computer at the time and it was only in 2001 that I finally got one and started coming to your site regularly. Ever since then, I've enjoyed it very much and I believe that my English has improved considerably. Among my favourites are :"Grammar and Vocabulary", especially "Ask about English and "Up to Date English", then "Quizzes", "Watch and Listen" and last but not least Webcast. Thank you so much for your invaluable help through the years!

Sohrab Hossain, Bangladesh promotes me to be fluent in English by providing huge resources on English. I like "Watch and Listen" section very much although all sections help me to learn to English. Thank You very much,

Kattia, Costa Rica
Hello, I have been using your page for 3 months, itis really good it has helped me by building vocabulary and the quizzes have also helped me a lot, since my goal is being an Spanish-English translator I take your web site as a very serious resource

Jenny, Hong Kong,China
Happy Birthday! I have been coming to bbc website for a year. It is a surprise that bbclearning has already been running for ten years. I really thank all the people who contribute to this website, including the hosts and working teams of the radio programme, soap ,message board etc and the web surfers who take active roles to different part of this site to express their ideas. The efforts of everyone bring the sucess of the site. When I first visited this site, I wanted to improve my English as English was important and also an importance subject. Once I start coming to the site frequently, I can really feel that English is a global language, using English; you can exceed the limitaion of the country borders and communiate with people around the world. It is happy to learn English. bbc website not only can improve visitors english and also widen their horizon. It is a entertainig website.

Clodoaldo, Brazil
I'm so happy and very emotional for the opportunity to congratulate BBCLE and BBC as a whole at this moment for the 10th anniversary of the site. I've discovered BBCLE casually almost five years ago and it was one of the best things that happened in my life. I visit the website all days since then and this helped me a lot to improve my English and to stay in a close contact with many cultures in the world and stay updated about what is happening around the world. You are really fantastic and the most complete and more worthwhile site in the net. I would like to say I love you so much. God Bless the BBC.

I am a college English teacher in China. Everyweek I search for teaching materials on your website and download them to my computer. my favorites are real english and take away Enlish. I bring them into my classroom and share them with my students. They really enjoy the articles and reading is not boring anymore. Some of them are reciting them cause they think these are informative passages and also very interesting. They are making progress with your help and for me, I am going to do some research on this computer assisted teaching. Thanks a lot!

Goran, Croatia
Personally, I find that learning and improving English on the site is very useful and very interesting. I have been using this site for learning purpose for two months and consider that I have improved my English a lot. I like how bbc learning English site is organised and I like to use it because there is really so much useful contents there. I intend to keep on learning at least for another year.I want to understand English and to speak it fluently. I am learning on average half an hour daily and each day I am progressing and coming nearer and nearer to my goal and that is a full knowlegde of English language.

Sheikh Zulfiker Ali, Bangladesh
Hello,Happy birthday!! your website is great. congratulations for your celebrating!I think it is a better school to learn english.I love it. I like to read and listen every day's bbc's news, if possible pls daily news in your site, It will be help for us to learn more english.Of course your site improved my english ,will improve continue. Thanks with love Zulfiker

Nawal Thorat, India
Firstly I would like to congratulate the bbclearning team for completing a successful decade. Keep up the good work. My association with the Beeb goes back to the early 1990s when as a college going boy I was hooked on the world service; from then on it is no looking back; This is my second year with the BBC learning and all these days I have found that there is a marked improvement in my written and spoken language; These days I am writing to various national and international periodicals and also contributing regularly to BBC website. Among my favourites are Flatmates,Also the archive section of vocabulary and grammar is helpful. As a lecturer of English language and literature it has shaped my career and now even my students are learning new things everyday. I would love to see more stress given on literature, the classics etc. Moving words is fantastic though.

Sean, Hong Kong
I am really lucky to find BBC learning english. My english partner use BBC learning chinese to learn chinese, then I think maybe I can find a good place here to learn english, I REALLY found it 2 months ago. The site let me know british culture and enlish people, follow the life step and time change of british history. BBC learning english build a bridge to connect enlish learning with British.

Ana, Spain
Thank you for your website. I studied English in the school with a spaniard teacher long time ago, but I never had the chance to hear the real British acccent. At the bennining was very hard because I couln't understand anything, but step by step the words have been coming to my hearing.

Heidi, China
Hi,everybody. About 2 months ago,I first came to and was attracted by its friendly interface and lively contents.Thera were a kind of feels sorry not to have met sooner. Thanks for the staff of,as your work hard,we can get more practical contents.

Ismeralda, Syria
Hello for all the BBC great team *I have been coming to the for about three years it amazing web site I spent many hours here. *Many resources helped me such as booklets, audio recordings, Grammar and Vocabulary, lingo….. I print most of them and study them as a course.* Of course, my English has improved a lot.* Actually, my favourite part of your site is BBC Message Board which I joined three months ago, there I met many people from different countries, cultures, religions. We all interact regardless of our differences. It is really a peaceful place with lovely people. As well as, the discussion group. *Indeed I wish to have an e-mail called"" and the same for all members with messenger that will be my best address. Also I would like to watch a special programme on the BBC news channel about the BBC web site if that is possible and make interview with members so that we see our friends and then tell us their stories with the BBC. In the long run, I cannot imagine the internet without the BBC web site. Thank you BBC.

Angela, Italy
It is just a couple of months since I discovered BBC Learning English:It was my English teacher that adviced it to me and I thank her for that.I found this web site extremely interesting and usefull.It helps me very much:in a few time I have acquired a lot of new informations.I like very much the quizzes,the message boards and the news parts.I know that my English will improve even more thanks to it,so thank you!

Nivomboahangy, Madagascar
Since 2005,Nov.8th I have been coming to It helped me both in speaking and writing.Now I have improve my English in doing all my study. My favourite parts are all program, especially pronounciation, and grammar. I would like to see more of listening. Thank you to help me doing well in English as my third language.

Faouzia, Tunisia
I've been using BBCWORLD LEARNING ENGLISH for nearly five years.It helpes me a lot in my studies.However;I can't find materials that help me in an advanced level specially writig,Grammar and listening.Iam preparing my CAE Exam and I hope to pass with good grade.congratilation for your 10th birthday

Renny, Indonesia
I really enjoy and feel lucky have finding you as my homepage. You always giving me improvement through your articles,quizes,journey to other country. and two thumbs up for you cause not only giving knowlegde about english languange. You introduce us mandarin interesting..web. I wish you more attactive, have many substance and always update.. Happy birthday...

Tolga , Turkey
i wanna appreciate all the people who helps to form this unique website. It is a great chance for everyone trying to improve their English. Actually, it is my first week to have get acquainted with bbclearning. As for me , the most attractive part of the site is bbc online radio. It really is a great opportunity!

Lucy, Ecuador
Found this place a month ago and now I loved because is the best way to learn english. You can find differents activities. My favourite part are pronuntiation ,quizzes, bbc radio whit news or music,and the test off course, whatever you need is here. Many thanks because now you are my favourite teacher...good job!!

Toufik, Morocco
BBClearning is my favourite website I visit it each time I come to the Internet.I am a teacher of English in a junior high schooland I have been tremondously relying on the articles in the teacher section .I use them in my classes as good activities and most importantly for techer development.thanks a lot.

Solange, Brazil
BBCLE is a good place for those who want improve English. It's been very good to me because I could realize that my English is getting better and better. Now I know I can express my feeling and thoughts in English, I can talk to people all around the world using my English. I like to be here everyday and when I have a doubt, I know there's someone to help me! Congratulations for your good job!!!!

Sanja, Croatia
First of all let me wish you, Happy anniversary! When I read you're ten years old I was sad because I discovered your site approximately one year ago. Now I'm regular. My favourite parts are section with news, 'Watch and Listen' and 'Talk about English.' All connected with listening are interesting for me. In the beginning I found your programme pretty difficult, but now, after being tune almost every day, I can see that my English has improved, thanks to you and your lovely programme. Links you give us in your 'Watch and Listen' and news sections are great too. It's nice opportunity to look deeply inside the story. Wish you long broadcasting!

Andrea, Italy
well, your site is amazingly helpful, I think I'm improving fast. I like so much webcast especially when there is the transcript in order to check what I heard. What I would like more ?? well..a section about business English would ne amazing, dialogue ..letters and so on. Anyway you are doing a really good job, Thank you so much Andrea

Jean-Francois, France
Two years ago, when I was 27, I decided to change my job. I would like to be an air traffic controller. So I have to speak a perfect English to understand pilots on the radio. Since January 2005 I'm learning English everyday. Your website is fantastic. I love to have my weekly meeting with the BBC learning English team and I'm a real fan of Callum and Jacky. Still I went back to France I go on your website as often as possible and I always listen to your webcast. It is very useful for me. I passed the competition to become an air traffic controller and I am going to start my training soon. thank you.

The Netherlands
Since May 2005 we have braodband and from that time on I started to visit the website of the BBC and found "BBC learning English". What a surprise to learn English in this way in stead of the dull lesssons of my High School time (1949-1953). I have a primary school friend in Canada and a cousin in Australia (both emigrated in 1951) and now I dare to speak and write English with them. I feel more confident. Special to me are news English/words in the news, grammar, quizzes and the Flatmates. This site is real fun. Please don't stop. Thanks very much for all the pleasure you gave me. Nelly.

Arnaud, France
hello to all team. Thank you for your hard work. i discovered your website for 3 months ago... and i read news everydays to progress in english vocabulary. i like and progress with the audio area, that permits to me to understand with real prononciation. I work in multi-national company (industry) and i hope that i could working in english speaking country in future.

Surendra, UAE
Hi, Originally i am from Nepal. I have been coming to for more than a year. The idea which are on the site for learning English language and webcast section is supper. I definately have to say I have been improving my English language since i found this web site. My favourite sections of this site are webcast, grammer and vocabular and vocabulary from the news. The one which i would like to see on your site is audio/visual portrait that is already mentioned. Thanks to all of you. Keep it up

Judit, Hungary
Your website helps me a lot. It's very useful and I enjoy it very much, especially the quizzes. I've been using it for some months, but I think my English is better now than was 6 months ago. Learning English (and any other language) is a very hard work, but if I visit your website, it's enjoyable as well. Thank you!

Hebin Zhang, China
1, I have been coming to for 4 years. 2, It helps me in my work and making freinds as I am working in Botswana as a acupuncturist now. 3, My English has improved quite a lot. 4, I like the part of entertainment most. 5, I'd like to see more interactive things. Thank you very much for improving my English. Happy Birthday to you!

Jaroslaw, Poland
Dear Sirs, I have been coming to bbclearningenglish for more than one year. Your resources helped me in listening and understanding English an my English has improved indeed. My favourite parts of your site are News English and Webcast. The only bad thing is that you don't allow to download these two parts in MP3 format so I could listen to it on the bus or train using an MP3 player. Impossibility to download your Webcast and News English files forces me to seek other websides that are more learner-minded. The most important example is the VOE Special English. You can download and listen whenever and wherever you want. Yours faithfully, Jaroslaw Mlynczak

Kiyeon Ko, Rep. of Korea
About one year on-line was great time for me to access British English. Many teaching materials including quizz and conversation was helpful for me. I really have been enjoying much improvement in the commandment of English for that time. If your site show us an English speaker as a second language and check their weakness in the language, it will be more good learning site. Congraduation on your 10th birthday

Yuri, Kiev
I have been coming to for 3 month. Your site very good, especially "News Part" and Grammar,"Phrasal Verbs", Idioms. I have impoved my English. Thank you.

Harlem Lee, China can always bring me with wonderfull materials.i love it so much. to be frank,i like to see more usefull things about Pronunciation Tips,thank you in advance!

Jack Sambath Pen, Cambodia
Dear Sir/Madam, It is my pleasure to join with your quizes. I have been learning English with bbclearner for 3 years. I enjoy a lot.

I've been studying about pronounciation practice, flatmates and words in the news on the for two years.

Cynthia Wu, Taiwan
I would first like to say, it is a brilliant website for those who want to learn English or teach English. I have visited your website for five years, and yet everytime I can find something fantastic to go further whenever I access in it. I started with English learning, and now I used flatmates to teach my colleagues in English listening comprehension and conversation. And you can not image how exciting I am when I enter the new corner: moving words. Picturing wandering in those beautiful words with those intelligent people is just like dream come true. I pray everyday that your website can last forever.

Shoping , China
Happy birthday! your website is great. news english and the flatmates are my favorite!Would you please tell us more about english famous places or history !Best wishes to your website!

Norma, Argentina
Hi friend of BBC learning English...since a year ago I've visited your useful programs online.I has improved ,my favourite parts are quizzes and I am listening during the day bbc News world services .I work in the goverment, I was teacher, I have got a degree in Political Science on 2003 at UNCuyo (Cuyo University). I have Internet at home I live alone so I can listen long hours bbc programs.I love to take pictures and I loveto see bbc photos .I am like a bussy bee so I have proyects and dreams and I need a good English !!Happy birthday to you !! with love , Norma

Sonia Shizue
Well, I've just coming to bbclearningenglish for the last few weeks and I have to tell you that it has helped me to improve my English, especially because I am Brazilian and have no contact with English at all. I have enjoyed the section about Words in the News and Grammar and Vocabulary, which have been helping me improve and be aware of what has been going on around the world. I would like to congratulate you for this important tool which is very useful for all those who have interest in improving English. Yours, Sonia Shizue

Nao, Japan
I would like mp3 files for every listing program instead of Real Player. Because I think a lot of people have started using a mp3 player nowadays. I also use it. Also if you can broadcast potcast of BBC learning English, I am so happy. I know you have pot casts of BBC Radio, but they are too difficult for me. I really like BBC learning English. I would like to say thank you for helping my study and encourage me!!

Shintaro, Japan
I've been a regular visiter of this site for about two years now. At first I used the resources available here to prepare myself for the IELTS examination, and the result was really satisfying. I had much difficulty in listening, but the listening resources here were really helpful to improve it. Among them, I found 'Talk about English' and 'Words in the News' particularly useful for developing listening skills. This site is really atractive because there are many sections, but probably a bit confusing, especially for those first visit this site. It will be much helpful if you give some signs which shows which secition is suitable for what level of students. As for 'Talk about English', I think the quality has been deterioarting. I really don't see any particular meaning in the competition to answer rather silly questions. The comments given by presenters about messages from listeners are always 'lovely' and 'interesting', while from the listeners point of view they are quite boring. In short, now there are too many listeners taking part in the programme. Probably it isn't a bad idea to make a few editions of the programme according to the level of learners. Now it seems that almost all programmes are for at best upper-beginners.

Filipe Lanza, Brazil
Since last year i´ve been coming to I really enjoy the quizz, it´s my favourite part and it always helps!!!!my has improved a lot. i´d love to work for BBC!!!

Korlana, Laos
This is a very useful website. I like to learn English here. I have just visit it two times. I like all part of the website. I am sure that trough this website, my English will be improved. Thanks for the organisers. Your website is very helpful.

I've been watching your site quite recently because I didn't know about it. Now is my homepage.I found is a very good way to learn because practice is the best way to know a language. One day maybe I'll visit your country . For sure has improved and my favorite parts are when I listen , grammar , vocabulary, every thing .Thanks a lot for your help.

Hong Kong
I recommend students to use this site as a learning resource. At times they need to browse assigned material and report in class what they have read.

Maria Pia, Italy
I like the quizzes, the news and many of the parts: they really help me. I would like to have more information, lessons, etc. on pronunciation, which is really very important. I also would like to have some help in order to write or to translate from Spanish or Italian. I am a Professor and sometime I really need to write academic papers and I have to improve. Thanks a lot.

Charlotte, Malaysia
This is an amazing site, really. I had been looking for an efficient English Learning site for a long time, and when I saw this, I knew this was what I wanted. Learning English here is interesting, and I couldn't stop exploring it. I see this as a blessing in learning English for me. I like English very much, and I'm sure that this site helped,is helping, and will help me a lot.

Celso Ricardo Vicentin, Brazil
I ve been learning English since June 2005. I am a lower intermidiate student, and this site is helping me a lot, specially to listening. My favourite part of BBC learning English, is The Flatmates, very funny. I d like to see more about the British Culture (History, geography, foods, music etc…)

Jeff, China
I am a high school student. I live in Huizhou city Guangdong province ,China.I know by accident a few months ago.I love English so I always use it. My study is very hard ,every day I have to study for about more than 10 hours. How tired! but nothing worked.Every Chinese student like me ,have to go on! Just for going a good university,for a good future!

Carlo Mariani, Italy
Hello everybody: I'm improving my English on and on, so .... thanks BBCLearningEnglish! Just one thing: please increase the number of the podcast, I'd like to download more audio files to listen to my car stereo. Bye!

Norma, Argentina
Hello, congratulations for your celebrating!!! Well ... I live in Buenos Aires city, in a neighborhood called Parque Patricios. I´m married and I´ve got an only child. I´m Social Worker, I work with elderly people at the Mayor¨s office. I´ve been studing English since 2001. I knew your page one year ago. It´s an useful tool for me!!! I enjoy a lot your exercises and puzzles!! Congratulations again and my respect for so professional team!!

Artur, Poland
Everything you do for this site is fantastic. You give a chance to learn English in special, memorable and interesting way.

Alice, China
I have been coming for one year.i love which has improved my english. This is the best learning engilsh website. Now learning in your website is part of my daily life. The flatmates and news english are my favorite parts.The four people in the flatmates are just like my own friends.i hope you could make a section which could introduce english literature history . Thank you.

Julio Cezar, Brazil
I have been studying english here since I discovered it, about one year ago. My english improved a lot since then. My favourite part of the website are "The Flatmates" and "English by Radio". I think that would be better more video streamings, not only by audio. Congratulations for this amazing service!!!!

Panda, China
I found around two years ago, after I came to Japan to advance my study as a foreign student. Though I had learned quite a lot of English in China, I still felt kind of inadequacy of my English ability when trying to do my seminar with my supervisor in English. Happily and luckily, the bbclearningenglish comes to me, and offer a large amount of updated, vivid English learning materials. Each part of it is interesting to me, but talking about the favourite one, it has to be the talk about English radio. There I can get tips of learning English, and share feelings of other learners. I would like to see more about English literature things, like Shakespear's work. Well, I forget to say thank you for offering such a good and convenient site for us learners. I guess I will be with it for sure.

Ömer, Turkey
Thanks a lot. I met bbclearningenglish a month ago. I have used this site and your turkish site since that time. I wish, your site goes on.

Paul, China
I really I am a frequent viewer of the ‘bbclearningenglish’ website. I like to view it very much daily except for Sunday and public holidays because I don’t have computer at home. Actually, my favourite programmes are Entertainment, London life and Weekender as I could listen the programmes and watch the scripts simultaneously. Through which, I can improve my English and vocabularies very effectively. I definitely will keep on this good habit for life long learning.

I must admit my English is getting much better with this site, I'm a teacher of English as a secondary language in Spain and I need to be up-to-date. I was in England for the last time in 1998, such a long time! So I've used the resources both for me and for my lessons: I've found very interesting short texts, lesson plans and a lot of quizes for my students. Besides, I'm also interested in British culture, traditions, politics, fashion and this site offers that. So thanks for being there! Ángeles

Thomas Bruns, Germany
A superp source for learning outside the classroom. I think the best you can find in the web. After attending language courses in the UK and Ireland, I use your site for training on the language. BBC Learning English provides very helpful subjects and topics for exercising the language. There is always a theme of interest which is exicting to explore new words. In addition I get interesting news. I visit also the BBC history site with fascination. There are as well excellent explanations. Really great! Thanks for your work. I don't want to miss it. Best regards Thomas Bruns

Kirsti, France
I would like to be able to use the MB 24h a day. And to use bold letters, cursive letters, underlinings.

Bohumir Vincent, Czechia
Thank you for your work for us , please go on!!!!!

Jérémy, France
I've been coming to ever since I visited it for the first time. The content of the Learning English section is huge ; I haven't browsed all pages yet, although I've been visiting the website everyday during 1 or 2 hours for like a month now. It's really amazing ! I'm really interested in the 'words in the news' section, anything that has a audio in it actually :D I haven't had the chance to go to a English speaking country yet; and while I don't have any problem writing the language and understanding it (i've been studying it mostly on the Internet for 7 years now), understanding the spoken language is sometimes troublesome :D So that's why I really love your site; I've improved a lot at listening to English in such a short period of time ! Thanks a lot for your hard work, and keep it up !!!

Serriere, France
I have been learning english with BBC for one year. I use particularly the news. My listening comprehension is now better. Congratulations for your site with the choice you give as different activities. It's very important for me. I need to travel a lot in countries where english is spoken. Every day I learn on your site. I think it's the best way for learning in autonomy.

Diony, Spain
At first I used to read and listen to the weekender and afterwards I´ve been able to visit other pages, entertainment, London life and eventually the current news, trying to understand first and reading later from the script.I found this method very lively,and very enjoyable of learning english.I have to realize that my english has improved a lot.

Mineyo, Japan
I love this website. I've been visiting this website for about six months. The resources helped me very much. My favourite parts are "The Chart Shows", "Entertainment!" and "The Flatmates". I would like to know much more about London and England, and I would like to have a program which improves writing skills.

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