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10 year anniversary special
Your birthday poems


From: Erika Kalinauskaite
Would you like to speak in English
So that no one could distinguish
Whether you're a native speaker
Or a foreign language seeker?

B rowse the internet, my friend,
B BC - the first three letters
C ould you guess what follows next?
L earning English is the best!
E very section of the site
A sking you to join and start
R eading, writing, having FUN,
N amely, taking part yourself,
I nteracting, making friends
N ews and stories every day,
G rammar, quizzes, moving words
E ntertaining all at once.
N ow, I guess, you've realised
G reatest thing that could be done
L earning language can be fun!
I f you learn with BBC,
S urely, you will succeed!
H appy birthday BBC!!!

I'm not very good at writing poems, but I tried. Thank you for being so wonderful and helping us, learners, to improve our language skills in the most interesting and enjoyable way!!

From: Lilia Birnaz
Every morning, day by day
I do stare in my display.
Read the news and learn new words
And do use them afterwards.

For 10 years, with no rest
BBC has done the best
People from around the world
To learn English without bore.

I can find on BBC
Grammar and Vocabulary,
Answers to the all my questions
Hints for riddles, new directions.

That provokes much more desire
To start learning in entire
All the possible exceptions,
Rules for verbs and pronunciation.

At the end I?d like to thanks
All the teachers and experts
All the staff of corporation
For the work they do with ABNEGATION!

From: Tolgarmada
BBB English Learning is mine
Don't wait until nine
Just now visit, it is so fine
I learned new words,wine and dine
It is nothing but vocabulary mine
It celebrates 10 years online
I'm sure it will eternally be there in shine.

From: Inti Garc├ęs Vernier
Moving me with your words.
Knowing together the world.
Anna, Callum, C and J
M, N, P, William and Zoe,
draw the way to improve my english,
making so funny this work!

From: Geovanny Barrantes
My learning go on now

I'm a Latin man in USA
sometimes alone, always insecure,
trying gives to speak with fluency
and to be listened sincerely.

Looking for to understand completely
the meaning and the sense gives the words, and moving the head affirmatively, without knowing that I am consenting, sometimes.

I learned as much as I could it gives English and sincerely, I continue confused, my solitude enlarged, my frustration grew, until serching some way, I discovered:

Grammar, pronunciation, reading,
everything in a page, without some cost , giving with clarity, simplicity and depth that that gives English I need to know.

The solitude is still, although less,
but the hope to dominate the language grows, in each click that I give to

From: Pin
BBC, a broadcaster in the world.
Without you. We never hear news soon.
Without you. the words be meaningless.
As time goes by, BBC learning never tends to change its steps.
with you, the world goes around with fun.
with you, we never be late for the fashion...
BBC. We love you...

From: Diogenes
Diogenes reads his poem

From: Ufmustapha
You said you are ten
Yes I know you are ten
Yes in my english I am now ten
You have turned my language to ten
I am now ten with you,ten;ten
Iam proud to talk,talk in english by ten.
As you celebrate, I celebrate ten
In another ten,I will be with Talk about english in ten.

From: Trang Pham (Jenny)
Learning English Website
A page that everyone likes
For adult and for child
You broadcast worldwide
Every time day or night
You're always by my side
And make my future bright
I would never say good bye
BBC you're mine!

I have never made a poem before. This is the first time I write one, and especially it is not my native language. Quite challenging, but I like challenges.

From: Rajesh Bondalapati
nation and nation u know english,
people and people u know english,
leader and leader u know english,
father and mother u know english,
son and daughter u know english,
brother and father u know english.
don't worry about english ,all the world having
no need of going outside for learning, no need of paying money.
we can access bbclearningenglish in our home freely....

I am an Indian guy, now studying in Sweden. This is very pleasent moment bbclearning English celebrating 10th anniversary, as a bbc follower i feel very happy. For this occation i send a poem.

From: Gabriela Elizabeth Huallanca De La Cruz
Gabriela reads her poem
I can't understand this new word
I can't understand this phrase
I can't understand it at all
But here is Professor Crystal to help.

"English loves compound words", he says.
- "I think I knew it before", I said
"But do you know the meaning OF GOBSMACKED ?"
- "OOOPSS I think I don't", I said.

BBC is 10 years old.
So let's sing a song
I can give it a try but I don?t have a good voice.

Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to you.
I've heard Professor Crystal so many times
That he has crystallised my thoughts.
Happy birthday to BBC,
Happy birthday to English
That once again is winning
By solving our doubts.

BBC learning English
BBC learning life
BBC is teaching me
How to face the grammar part.

I like reading
And if you have any doubts
You can email your problem
And it will be figured out.

Let's say good-bye
To see you again
Let's drink to BBC
Which always thinks
Our birthday is everyday.

Because it's always giving
Its knowledge away.

I love English,
I love BBC,
I love the way its teachers work
I admire how much they know
They will always be the best
Because they know their role inside out.

Let's say good-bye
To see you again
Let's drink to BBC
Which always thinks
Our birthday is everyday.

Because it's always giving
Its knowledge away.

I love BBC Learning English... It's a web page i wouldn't do without. I've been getting better at my English by using this useful resource... I like practising my pronunciation, grammar, etc. I want to thank Professor Crystal because he is so knowledgeable and a hardworking language professional to admire. I've learned so much with his help.

I like writing poetry but i haven't ever tried to do it in English!!!! When i came to know about this option i didn't hesitate to write one. Congratulations for your good work!!!

From: Wen Luo
What is a best friend for?

What is the best friend for?
She makes my each weekend as colourful as the rainbow with the "weekender".

What is the best friend for?
She shows me the beautiful "London life" every week, as if I was in London physically.

What is the best friend for?
She answers my any English question patiently, as the start tells the lost person in the evening where he should go.

What is the best friend for?
She treats me as one of members of her family, as friendly ?flatmates?.

If you ask me who is my best friend?
I will tell you proudly she is BBClearningEnglish

How are you, BBC? I am Wen,from China but i am studying at Macquarie university in Sydney at moment. I am a big fan of BBClearningEnglish. I've listened to your programs over 3 years and listen to the program one hour every morning. You know listening to BBClearningEnglish has become one part of my daily life. Thanks for you to provide a so briiliant opporptunity for me to pick up English. To be honest, you did a wonderful job.

From: Feruza
From all of my heart with love:
My best Wish for you
I might wish for you
May all your dreams come True!
Your best dream came true!
We are with You!
We do love You!

Happy Birthday,my Dears.

I'm Feruza who's staying on "interactive portait".

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