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Use the grammar

Have you ever missed an important event like a party or exam? Use 'because' and 'because of' to tell us why you missed it.

We'll publish our favourite five entries.

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Abdulrahman, Saudi Arabia
Because I like football, I played it three times per week. I remember when I was in the school, and the teacher was absent because of being sick, we spent his class playing football. Not because I love football too much, I do care about the study. I really worked very hard and because of that I succeed to reach the university and graduate with Bachelor degree in engineering.

Catherine says:
Playing football in the classroom, Abdulrahman - whatever next?! But it sounds like you got down to some hard work in the end...

You've used a lovely range of 'because' and 'because of' structures here, Abdulrahman, correctly and effectively - well done!

Keep logging on to Grammar Challenge, Abdulrahman!


Anna, Germany
Because of the Assessment Test in July I have to learn some english. I want to study english because I like it very much. I use this site for learning and because of that, I hope I will practise it well. I will be nervous on that day, because I am excited how it will be tested. In the night before that day I won't sleep because of feeling unwell. I will do it, I hope!!

Catherine says:
Thanks for that, Anna!

You have used 'because' and 'because of' really well here, Anna. I particularly like the phrase 'because of that...' which refers back to a situation you have just mentioned.

I also like the opening sentence: Because of the Assessment Test in July I have to learn some english. Some people say that you should never start a sentence with 'because' - but I think it works quite well here!

I'd like to briefly mention punctuation, Anna. The names of countries and languages are usually written with a capital letter. So, you should change 'english' to 'English'.

Good luck with your Assessment Test, Anna!!


Chmail, India
I haven't done my job because of I feeling sick. I didn't make a call because I have no load. I enjoyed the holy day because of the climate was excellent

Catherine says:
Thanks for your comment, Chmail!

Let's look at your sentences one by one. In the first one: 'I haven't done my job because of I feeling sick' you have used 'because of', followed by a subject - 'I' - and a verb - 'feeling'. Now, after 'because of', you should use a noun or a verb-ing (without a subject). So, let's delete 'I' from your sentence so that it reads: 'I haven't done my job because of feeling sick.' That's much better!

Your second sentence: 'I didn't make a call because I have no load' is grammatically correct - well done! But I'm not too sure what you mean by 'load'. Do you mean you didn't have any credit on your phone?

Your third sentence 'I enjoyed the holy day because of the climate was excellent' has the same problem as the first one. You have followed 'because of' with a subject and verb. The best way to fix this sentence is to delete 'of' and write: 'I enjoyed the holy day because the climate was excellent' - that's much better!

Keep logging on to grammar challenge, Chmail!!


Mike, Sudan
I have missed my final exam, becouse of the bad weather.

Catherine says:
How awful, Mike - I hope you got a chance to retake it!

This sentence is grammatically correct Mike - well done! However, you do need to check your spelling. You wrote becouse - but the correct spelling is because.

Keep logging on to Grammar Challenge, Mike!


Clara, Romania
I’ll never forget missing my high school graduation party at the age of 18. I missed it because I had to stay with my best friend who at that moment had just broken up with her boyfriend. I did it because of our friendship and because we shared a special connection. For sure I suffered a lot because of her, but I chose not to go to the party because I didn’t want to ruin our beautiful relationship.

Catherine says:
Clara, you are a true friend indeed.

You have very good English too, Clara, all your 'because' and 'because of' sentences are grammatically correct - very well done!


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