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How To


- Directions


- Permission


- Informal invitations


- Polite invitations


- Making an appointment


- Doctor's questions


- Get clarification from a doctor

A little girl's throat is examined by her doctor

Understanding the doctor

This programme is all about visiting the doctor and how to understand the questions he or she might ask.

After you have listened to the programme, why not get some more practice using the quizzes below.

Doctors' opening questions
What seems to be the problem?

How can I help today?

So, I gather you're not feeling well?

What can I do for you, Mr Archer?

Symptoms we need to speak about
Where is the pain?

Where does it hurt?

Have you had a temperature?

Have you had a fever?

Do you feel hot and cold?

Any difficulty with eating?

Is it worse after you eat?


Now it's time for you to have a go at practising the language we've looked at in this programme. Part A is a chance to hear some tips for what to listen out for at the doctor's. Part B is a matching exercise. Good luck!

Listen to this conversation and why not make a note of some of the useful vocabulary you come across?

How much do you know about the different types of treatment a doctor might prescribe? Complete each sentence by matching the first half with the correct second half. You can do this by dragging the arrows to the correct answer on the right. Once you've finished, click 'Check Answers'.

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