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How To


- Directions


- Permission


- Informal invitations


- Polite invitations


- Making an appointment


- Doctor's questions


- Get clarification from a doctor

Putting the telephone to good use!


In this programme, we find out about the language we can use to make an appointment.

We hear how very similar language can be used to make arrangements to see a doctor, a dentist or even to arrange a haircut.

When you've listened to the programme, don't forget to practise what you've learned with the quiz below!

Useful vocabulary for making appointments

Job Titles  

a plumber

a lawyer

an electrician

someone who repairs and installs equipment to do with water, e.g. pipes, baths, toilets

someone who's an expert in law and advises people on legal matters, also known as a solicitor or an attorney in American English

someone who repairs and installs equipment to do with electricity, e.g. lighting



a car service

a haircut

a check-up

a facial

a manicure

a pedicure

an examination and repair of a car to keep it working properly, e.g. an oil change

having your hair trimmed or cut, perhaps to make a new hair style

an examination to make sure you or your teeth are healthy

a beauty treatment to keep the skin on your face healthy

a beauty treatment for your nails, e.g. applying nail polish

a beauty treatment for your feet and toenails, e.g. removing hardened skin from the heels

Language for making appointments

I'd like to

I need to

I want to

book an appointment

to see


the doctor

a dentist

my lawyer


Mrs Saha

the plumber

the electrician


Polite ways to soften a request

Is it possible to

Can I

May I

book an appointment


Language for booking different types of appointments

...for have

a car service

a haircut

a check-up

a facial

a manicure

a pedicure have

my eyes tested

my teeth cleaned

my eyebrows waxed

Prepositions for making appointments








later today

next week


10 am

3 o'clock



Now here are some tips and a chance for you to have a go at practising the language we've looked at in this programme. Good luck!


What should we think about before we try to book an appointment?

Six multiple-choice questions on appointments. How well will you do?

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