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How To


- Directions


- Permission


- Informal invitations


- Polite invitations


- Making an appointment


- Doctor's questions


- Get clarification from a doctor

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Polite invitations

In last week's programme, we found out how to make informal invitations. This week, we look at slightly more polite invitations. For example, how would you ask a friend to your house for a dinner party?

This programme is suitable for elementary/pre-intermediate learners.

When you've listened to the programme, don't forget to practise what you've learned with the quiz below!

Click on a link below to listen to the two dialogues in this programme again or read a transcript of the conversations.

Checking someone is not busy
Are you free on Friday?

Are you busy on Friday?

What are you doing on Friday?

Would you like...?
Would you like...a chocolate bar? come to my house for dinner?

I wondered / was wondering
I wondered...if you'd like to come to my house for dinner
I was wondering

Other expressions
I would very much like it if you could come along

Shall I bring a bottle?


Choose the one correct answer in the quiz below. Click 'next' to go to the next question.

download script If you don't have flash, you can download a printable version of this activity (pdf - 17k)

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