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How To


- Directions


- Permission


- Informal invitations


- Polite invitations


- Making an appointment


- Doctor's questions


- Get clarification from a doctor

Some people drinking in a pub

Informal invitations

What's the best way to ask somebody if they'd like to do something with you? In this programme, we look at how to make informal invitations, and in particular, how to ask someone if they'd like to have a drink with you. We also hear some different ways to accept invitations.

This programme is suitable for elementary/pre-intermediate learners.

When you've listened to the programme, don't forget to practise what you've learned with the activity below.

Simple informal invitations
Do you fancy ...a pint?
Are you up for ...a chocolate bar?
Do you feel like ...a night in?

Informal invitations with gerunds
Do you fancy ...going to a museum with me?
Are you up for ...having a party?
Do you feel like ...leaving work early?

Ways to accept informal invitations
I'd love one / I'd love to
That'd be fun
That sounds lovely
OK, cool


Choose the one correct answer in the quiz below. Click 'next' to go to the next question.

download script If you don't have flash, you can download a printable version of this activity (17 KB)

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