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Video English 4
Video English 4
The Teacher and a pig
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with pigs.

1. Pigs might fly
2. This place is a pigsty
3. To make a pig's ear of something

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Have you ever made a pig's ear of something? The Teacher would like you to send a paragraph using one or more of the pig idioms from this lesson. His favourite entries will be published on this page.

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Thuong Chieu, Vietnam
That's a great program. I looked for a longtime. And now I can study and practice them.Now I have a bird's eye view. Thanks a lot!!!!

CK, Hong Kong
This programme is really interesting.You would not make a pig's ear of using English with the help of BBC learning English.

Kamran Karamat, Pakistan
Excellent work teacher, it's very funny and easy.

Narges, Iran
My dad often complaints that our rooms are pigsties. I wonder if he is serious ? Could my room could be cleaner and tider... pigs might fly. Because it's my style and he doesn't like my style.

Hussein Musa , Sudan
I am a Translator, one day I have translated an english text ito arabic I literary rendered the phrase "pigs might fly" to the arabic equivillent, but when I entered to the BBC internet Cite and watched this video about i realized that I made "a pigs ear of my translation"

Dan Ha, Vietnam
What a fantastic lesson! With this online assistance, I will definitely not make a pig's ear of improving English :)

Viet Nam
Could the world have no crime? Pigs might fly!

Daisy, Vietnam
My dad often complaints that our rooms are pigsties. I wonder if he is serious ? If my room could be cleaner and tider, pigs might fly. Because it's my style and he doesn't like my style.

Kiko, Hong Kong
Thank you very much!You are really a interesting man. I find the videos very useful. Hope you can continue to make more.

Syed Asad, Bangladesh
Thank You Very Much To Inform us. I have made a pig's ear of daily chores,our house is a pigsty now.I wish I could clean up the mess . Forget it !Pigs might fly.

Miguel Angel, Chile
When i was a child, many times i visited my friend`s houses and their bedrooms really were pigsties (I hope that has changed). One time, a friend decided to clean his bedroom and while he was using the vacuum cleaner under his bed he sucked some papers which were the history homework and tore them. Definitely, he made a pig´s ear of cleaning his bedroom. Imagine how untidy was it.

Saraswat, India
My house is a pigsty as I don't keep it clean . Well , if I could keep my house clean , surely , pigs could fly .

Ehsanulla Rashid, Afghanistan
I am very happy that i have the reach to these idioms from you i really appreciate and I use them in my daily speaking

Alex Wang, Canada
I'm a student. During last few years I made a pig's ear of my studying. Pressures from professors and myself were enormous, and I forgot to enjoy the learning itself. Well, perhaps I never knew the importance of enjoying and the ways to enjoy. Maybe that's one of the characteristics of modern Chinese education and culture.I came to realize that and correspondingly adjusted my psyche and behavior. And it has started to work towards my benefit. In my opinion, one of the most meaningful words in English language is "enjoy".

Ngân ,Viet Nam
I'm very glad as you have made the script together with every lesson ( from horse idioms) .I can improve my knowlege of idioms by your interesting lessons and improve my listening skill too. Have you been afraid that you made a pig's ear of this lesson?No,you haven't! I tell again your lesons is really helful to me and many other people.Thank you very much for your lessons. I hope you will continue doing this significant job!

Angela, Italy
Hi, teacher! I appreciated your lesson. It was clear and very funny....Now I have a question for you. That's it. - Do you want to become a skier? -Pigs might fly!...but don't despair! You are an excellent teacher! Se you soon!

John Clifford, Malaysia
I'm an English Language Consultant, my duty also entails teaching besides giving advice, etc. Personally, I'd say "The Teacher" does an excellent job, no way does he make a pig's ear of teaching English online. I'd like to take this opportunity to "share" this saying with all the learners & teachers around the globe. "Never buy a PIG in a poke"--- This wise old saying simply advises us to make sure the things that we're going to buy are in good condition. Happy Learning!!!

Diana , Malaysia
My friends said that if i can learn English well pigs might fly!

David Hernandez, Colombia
There is a lot of violence here in colombia all the people want peace but pig´s might fly , colombia isn´t bad place, the people is nice and intelligent and all want be better every single day .for the teacher i recommend you that clean your pigsty of a flat , thanks.

Daiva, Lithuania
If I'll learn English,pigs might fly...Very intresting lessons!Thanks.

laleh, Azerbaijan
Every time, when I feed my son he is moving around and makes everywhere messy, I wish he does not move too much until I finis feeding him but pigs might fly.Our Earth is very important for us, so we should do our best to keep it clean. If we do not, soon it will get grimy & become a pigsty.

Young, South Korea
Once, I did tutoring as a part time job and taught a very lazy student math. He was bad at not only math but also cleaning his room. One day, his room was a mess again, so I said " this place's a pigsty. you never tidy up. if you do, pigs might fly!" He was fed up and snarled, " eversince you taught me, my math grade hasn't got better at all. You're making a pig's ear of teaching".

Mona, Egypt
Thanks for teaching me English in an interesting way . These idioms are very helpful

i am gald we are r all studying online with out even paying school fees and i can promise our teacher that i will never make a pigs ear of my friend's house was a pigsty yesterday but i got him a woman who is a house keeper and to my surprise she had the whole flat tidied in half an hour.thanks alot teacher 4 ur hard, by bye

Melanie, Poland
I wish my husband was more active but pigs might fly. I just don't want to make a pig's ear of my studies because of him! My place is not a pigsty, but I wish it was tidier...

Kaveri, India
in some indian movies pigs do fly and spending so many bucks some producers still made a pigs ear of it - and after watching those movies our mind became a pigsty of rubbish ideas.

Younghwa, Korea
Peter said "I'll pay you back on Friday, I promise." but I couldn't trust him any more. "Yeah, and pigs might fly."

Gang, Taiwan
I'm a very interesting and intelligent man. What? You suppose I will say “pig might fly”?

Dibyo, Indonesia.
You didn't make a pig's ear at all in this lesson. It just fine. Thank you.

I am not so good at chores.As I have been made a pig's ear of daily chores,our house is a pigsty now.I wish I could clean up the mess . Forget it !Pigs might fly.

Hachem Oubaidi, Belgium
It's really interesting to use idioms to express someone's opinion about a specific situation!. Carry on teacher, it is a good work! Congratulation.

Zahra , Iran
hello teacher, nice to see you,i comprehend this idioms very well becasue when i was at dormitory our room was always a pigsty ,because one of my roomate was really very lazy ,and she never did her duties on time! and of course every time we persuaded her to do her duties she made a pig's ear of it!

Rose Park, South Korea
One day my mom said, "Look at your room. It's a pigsty!! From now, you should clean out your place twice a week."At that time, My father said,"pigs might fly."So i said,"Who knows? Nobody knows happening to the world, even pigs.""If my pocket are heavy,i definitely would!!"

Yenpham, Vietnam
Thank you, the Teacher, for your interesting lesson on pigs. I have a sister that makes a pig's ear of cooking. She stated something she would make me a big cake for my last birthday. Pig's might fly I thought. Then she did. In the end, she left me a never forgetting present, the pigsty kitchen to clean up.

Anjalluz, Brazil
Hello dear Teacher my sink sometimes is a pigsty too...Yes I am a student....:D but my homework is to wash all dishes from my family..when I finish I seem a pig...:(unfornately

Shali, India
his way of teaching is really interesting and these lessons help me to escalate my verbal ability

Kim, Korea
I asked one of my student to bring one of his parent to school. But he said if they did, pigs might fly. So a few days later I visited them. Their place was a pigsty. I told them the problems the student had and he made a pig's ear of recent exam. But his parents were not interested in thier son.

Nancy, China
Yes, I did make a pig's ear of skating-learning when I was a college student. I still can't forget the first time I went to the skaterink. I fell to the ground heavily when I putting on the skates and trying to stand up because I felt its so slippery. There were a lot of people around me and I felt so awkward. At that moment all I wished was for the ground to open and swallow me. With the support of the wall I stood up slowly and started to walk on the skaterink step by step. At the end of that day, I did get some feeling of skating and I was so glad about it.

Long, Vietnamese
It was the day I first played guitar before the classmates and not surprisingly, I made a pig's ear of it. However,they prised me with applause which made me feel very happy.

Matias, Argentina
I've clean my flat, and now it isn't a pigsty place anymore. Friends of mine told me: "pigs might fly!"

Nevin, Istanbul
hello teacher, it is so nice to see you again. your lessons are enjoyable..i learnt the idioms connected with pigs. but i have no idea example sentences for them:(

I want to win a lottery, but my mom said pigs might fly if I won. Then she said that I should clean my pigsty room, because stuffs are everywhere in my room. Hahaha, I did clean my room, but I have made a pig's ear of cleaning.

Faratin, Iran
If anyone feels,that we are living in utopia in the world I will say the pigs might fly,because we are living in a pigsty& any effort to change this atmosphere has been failed.all politician have made pig`s ear of it.

Taha Aziz
That's a very good and interesting idea to use in teaching idioms.I really appreciate it so much

Jasmine, Taiwan
Jack always makes a pig's ear of his work and even his house is a pigsty!!! When he told me he wants to have a date with the girl who is star in his class.... Sigh~ Pigs might fly

Intresting and very funny the teacher explaints,about pigsty,...

Ludmila, Russia
I have bought a canary. He lives in his cosy cage which turns into a pigsty if there's no cleaning for two or three days. Can't he be tidier? - If pigs might fly..

Franklin, Brazil
Hi teacher!I have got three little children, and as you know, children always make mess. The case is that once when I got home after a long journey of work my wife was crying heavily. So I asked her why she was that way. She lifted up her head, looked into my eyes, and said that she had spent the whole day cleaning the house and things like that. But our children had messed everything. Actually, the house was a pigsty.Nothing was in the right place. Trying to make her feels better I said that they would tidy the house. And she said: really?? And pig might fly!!!

PQuan, Vietnam
Childrend are at home during summer vacation.While their parents leave to work, they and some neighbor's childrend play in living room and bring all things into it: books, toys, clothes, food ...And at the end of day the living room is a pigsty !

Fulgencio, São Paulo-Brazil.
Some years ago, I had a neighbor who liked to help other people very much. But when she needed some help and asked me to go to her house, it was very difficult because her house was a pigsty.

Assia, Algeria
last week-end my livening room was a pigsty because I was so tired to clean it,and I commanded my little sister to do the home work,unfortunately she made a pig's ear of it .

Marisela, Venezuela
Hey Teacher I have to say that you didn't make a pig's ear of your lesson, and I give you my thanks so that you don't say : I never get any thanks Well there is my thanks you always do it fantastic, and I know you will no longer say that. But I need to admit that you did make a pig's ear of your skating over the snow I laughed my head off at that jajaja. Well, I have a friend that always says a lot of thing the only one who believe all those lies it's he himself. When he talks to me all that stupid thing I don't have any choise but to hear him, however at the end I finally say that all that he told me I say PIGS MIGHT FLY. I didn't believe what he said. On the other hand, once I was fixing a tap in the kitchen, I couldn't put up with that annoying sound all the night, I couldn't sleep anything, well as I earlier said, I was fixing that dripping tap but I forgot to turn off the water I mean the water supply so you can imagine what happen, all my kitchen was a PIGSTY, Imagine that.

Dany, Italy
Imagine a girl who lives in Dublin with 3 boys, she never saw before, and imagine how could be that flat; not a mess, but a pigsty

Vidyasekaran, India
My Daughter who lived with me in USA for 3 years feels her bathroom back home is a pigstry. Pigs might fly is what she told me when i informed her that i will renovate it again. The reason being the builder made a pigs ear of it when i renovated her bathroom last time.

He said he was a good cook,otherwise, I wouldn't stay and taste his masterpiece dish,which turned out that he made a pig's ear of it.I felt like being fooled,"Pig might fly",remarked i .I won't stay for dinner any more, for i am sure his kitchen is a pigsty .

Ana Paula, Brazil
Yesterday, I went to my cousin´s house, and I almost passed out when I saw his room. I turned to him and said: 'this place is a pigsty', and then he said ' yes, I know. But I have plenty of things for doing, I´ll clean it up later'. So I said: 'Uh-huh, ok, pigs might fly when you tidy up your room.

Daniela, Argentina
No, teacher. You haven´t made a pig´s ear of this lesson.It´s very clear and I really enjoyed it!

Dasha, Ukraine
Hi Teacher! I'm over the moon to see you again! Thank you for your great idioms! Well, my friend hates cleaning his flat! He makes a pig's ear of it! And his flat is always pigsty! If he decides to clean his flat-the pigs might fly!

Hanana, Saudi Arabia
Thank you very much,you are lovely teacher and you learn me important things in English.

Jesús, Spain
Excellent work teacher, it's very funny.

Hiroki, Japan
We should use water, sunlight or wind instead of any fuel like oil, coal and petrol... Pigs might fly - Now we can't live without them. But now our earth is polluted by our daily lives which are depended on these resources. "This place is pigsty" we all say when we look at our planet by an objective view. If we can change some kinds of new resources I think we don't have to make any wars for a little bit of fossil fuel in the world.Do I make pig's ear of this agenda? No, I'm very serious to propose it for our future.Hello, teacher. I have a question. Do all pigs have no positive meaning of their idioms?

Eriton, Brazil
Guess what? I bumped into my dumb and old former math teacher in the street. I mean, she was the target of my story a fortnight ago, but I'll come back to the subject as she deserves more, say, attention. She was coming back from the market with an enormous box in her hands; curious, I asked her what was that and she said "It's a present for my granddaughter I've just picked up from the market"; I need to admit that my nosy personality sometimes gets on my nerves and I asked "what is that?"; she said it was a beautiful doll she'd ordered but she hadn't seen that as it was still parceled up. I said she'd made a pig's ear of that and added "You've just bought a pig in a poke!!!". She'd got hot under the collar and said ironically "Oh! I'll lend my ears to you and your pieces of advice! AND PIGS MIGHT FLY!!", and went away proudly as if she was the owner of the world. On the following day, she "came upon" me and, rather shame-faced, apologized to me for being so unpleasant, on top of that she said the doll turned out to be a telephone directory... I wanted to laugh and holding that inside was like wrestling a greased pig in the dark, it almost got the better of me, but I could control it. Well, it just proves that she is a bird-brained person, first she falls out with the headmaster which makes her lose her job, then she buys stuff without even looking it over. I can say... I LOVE HER!!!

Daisy, VietNam
Oh! Look at your flat. It is a pigsty. I have to live in this pisty.

Carmine, Italy
After a lesson with the teacher my desk gets really untidy ,but actually i can say it becomes an huge pigsty.But i'm very able to clean it,yes sure!!Mmm,and the pigs might fly. No actually i use to make a pig's ear of it,because i'm lazy i need my Mamma to clean it.Hey techer here in Italy is too hot today and i want only take realx .What about a good hot dog this hight? You could teach me some new idioms in

Tania, Ukraine
Hello, teacher! Nice to see you again :))! I want to tell you about my brother Alex. When he was a small boy I was always ashamed to invite my friends to my house, as our room was like a real pigsty and I flogged a dead horse trying to make him clean the room. He only promised he would do it but it never happened... One day when I came home from school I felt there was something fishy about our room. I didn't believe my eyes!!! Alex had taken away all his things from the floor and even the rubbish from his favourite crisp packets had disappeared. But I really smelt a rat - my dear brother had never done that before. So who could it be? Then two weeks later a small bird told me that it WAS my brother: the reason is that he had fallen for one of my friends (Julia) and to see her more often in our house he just hid everything away into his cupboard, but everytime he needed to get something from there our room turned into a pigsty again and again :(((("I'll improve it", Alex used to promise."Aha, pigs might fly!", - I replied

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