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Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar!

Imagine you are going on holiday. You have already decided where you are going and some of the things you are going to do. Now you are looking at the brochure and deciding on more things to do - maybe you are choosing particular excursions, for example. Write about your holiday, the plans you have and also the plans you are just making.

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Haryanty, Malaysia
This Saturday is going to be a big day in my life because I'm going to attend a job interview in a multinational company. I've been waiting for this moment so long. I will do my best in the interview. I will answers their questions properly.

Nuala says:

Hi Haryanty,

That does sound like a big day for you. Good luck with your interview!

You used two different forms to talk about perfect plans. Well done!

Interviews can be scary, can't they? Hope yours goes really well.


I'll have a holiday this weekend, so I'm going to visit my uncle in Hanoi with my mother. At my uncle's house, I'm going to help him with agriculture work. That is all of my plan. So now, I'll play a game to relax.

Nuala says:


What a good nephew you are to help your uncle when you're on holiday.

You used different forms to talk about your plans 'going to' and 'will'. Well done. But in your first sentence the present simple might be better (for something that's timetabled, if it's a public holiday that's decided in advance, for example) 'I have a holiday this weekend' or 'I'm on holiday this weekend'. And in your final sentence, if you've planned to play the game, 'Now I'm going to play a game' sounds more natural.

'I'm going to help him on his farm' sounds more informal than 'agriculture' or 'agricultural work'. And usually we'd say 'That's my plan' rather than 'That is all of my plan'.

Don't work too hard now! Nuala

I'm going to Scandinavia for my next holiday. I'm going to see the Norwegian fjords and visit Santa Claus's house. I'm sure that it will be very cold there and for that reason I'm going there in June. I'll see the sun set at midnight then!

Nuala says:

Hi Seema,

What a fantastic holiday. I bet it'll be great to see the midnight sun!

You used a mixture of forms well to talk about your holiday plans: going to 'I'm going to see the Norwegian fjords', will 'I'll see the sun set' and the present continuous 'I'm going there in June'.

The expression 'for that reason' sounds quite formal here. Can you think of a short, more informal way of saying that?

Say 'Hi' to Santa for me. Tell him I've been a very good girl this year!


Seema, India
I am going to india this week. firstly i go to jaipur to see the forts and taj mahal. then i would like to go to punjab to see the guruduaras. then i go to dehli to see the red fort and other places.

Nuala says:

Hi Seema,

That sounds like a lovely break. I've never seen the Taj Mahal but would love to see it one day. Don't forget to take lots of photos!

You used different forms very well to talk about your plans - the present continuous 'I am going to india 'and would like' 'i would like to go to punjab'. And although it's possible to use the present simple to talk about timetabled future events, for example 'The train arrives at 8 AM tomorrow', it's not quite right in this context to talk about your holiday plans.

A general point about your punctuation is that you need capital letters at the beginning of all your sentences. Don't forget that place names (cities like jaipur and buildings like the red fort and the taj mahal) need capital letters too.

So, thinking about your future forms and your punctuation, can you see how you could improve these two sentences? 'firstly i go to jaipur to see the forts and tajmahal. then i go to dehli to see the red fort and other places.

Hope you have a lovely holiday!


Ruby, Egypt
my husband and i have desided to do something new this summer holiday. we are going to italy! we wanted to go there before on our honey moon but we couldn't afford it. we've booked a wanderful hotel with an extraordinary view of the river and we are going to enjoy riding the boat all around the city. also we are going to visit the museums and all other historical places. we are going to have supper in the most incradible restaurant ever. Ooh it's going to be very romantic god willing, and we are looking forward for it very much.

Nuala says:

Hello Ruby,

What a romantic holiday!

You used 'going to' throughout your piece to talk about your Italian plans. Buoni!

Like Seema, you need to do a bit of work on your punctuation. Don't forget capital letters at the beginnings of your sentences and on proper nouns like 'italy' and 'god' too.

You wrote 'honey moon' as two words when it should be one. The spelling of these words isn't right 'desided', ' wonderful' and 'incredible'. Do you know what the correct spellings are?

I hope Italy lives up to your dreams. Enjoy your second honeymoon!


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