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Veronica from Spain - 'In my school I find great people to share good moments with'

Present perfect passives
On Grammar Challenge we've already looked at simple passives and continuous passives. But how can we put present perfect sentences into the passive voice? We challenge Veronica from Spain to show us how it's done...


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Present perfect passives

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Passive sentences focus on the noun that is the receiver or result of an action, rather than the noun that is performing the action (the agent).

Present perfect passive - positive

passive subject 'have' been past participle  
The house has been painted this year.
The children have been given their medicine.

Present perfect passive - negative

passive subject 'haven’t' been past participle  
The house hasn't been painted yet.
The children haven't been given their medicine.

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Now it's your turn to practise present perfect passives. Go to our first quiz page on this subject here.

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This is the final episode of Grammar Challenge! Thank you for listening; we do hope this series has been helpful to your studies.

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