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- Mr Bean and M. Hulot


- Sound and Sport


- Anna Maxwell Martin


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Crowd at a match

Sport and Sound


Can you really help your team win the match by shouting loudly? This week, with the help of a sports psychologist, we find out how noise can affect the performance of sportsmen and women.

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performance (here, in sport)
how well players or competitors do when they're taking part in their sport
Example: The team's performance last night was very bad.

to be aroused
to be excited and ready for action
Note: this expression is often related to sexual situations, so be careful how you use it!

to be distracted
to be unable to focus on what you are doing

to be counterproductive
to achieve the opposite result to the one you want

to boo someone
to make noises showing that you don't like them or don't like their performance

a referee
someone who makes sure the rules of sport are followed during a game

(in football) when a player touches the ball with their hand when they weren't meant to

the pace
the speed at which something happens

to be motivated
to really want to do something

to play at home
when a team plays a match at it's own sportsfield, rather than at an opponent's

to have the home advantage
to have a better chance of winning because your team is playing at home (see previous definition)

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