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- Mr Bean and M. Hulot


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Mr Bean and M. Hulot
Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean
Mr Bean's Holiday is a follow-up to the original Mr Bean film ten years ago. We hear extracts from an interview with the creator and star of Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson. He explains that the inspiration for the new film is in fact a classic French comedy, Mr Hulot's Holiday.

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visual comedy
something funny that you watch, rather than read or listen to

physical comedy
humour created using the body

an adjective describing something which makes you think in a new way or opens you to very different experiences

e.g. Seeing animals in the wild was a real eye-opening experience for me.

a noun form of eye-opening

e.g. That documentary is a real eye-opener

astonishing or amazing

e.g. It's jaw-dropping, how much some footballers earn

the way food or drink tastes; the way something feels when you encounter it; a basic idea of something

e.g. Indian food has very strong flavours
His poems have an exotic flavour
This music gives you a flavour of the country

the emotion or feeling of something

e.g. He spoke to me in an angry tone of voice
Her work has an optimistic tone

the speed with which things happen

e.g. She walks at a very fast pace
I found the pace of the novel too slow

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